How Many Children Did Bob Marley Have?

Bob Marley
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Bob Marley had 11 acknowledged children (10 biological, 1 adopted) with seven different mothers. His adopted daughter was his wife Rita Marley's child from a previous marriage. Many of them have grown up to become talented musicians and artists in their own right. In order of birth, Bob's children are:

Sharon: Born in 1964, Sharon (now Sharon Marley Prendergast) was Rita's daughter from a previous marriage.

She was a long-time member of The Melody Makers, along with several other siblings, and is now a performer, a community organizer, and activist, and the curator of the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica.

Cedella: Born in 1967, Cedella Marley was the first-born daughter of Bob and Rita Marley. She was a member of the Melody Makers and a film actress and now works primarily as a ​children's book author and a clothing designer (she designed the Olympic uniforms for the Jamaican team, including running champion Usain Bolt, for the 2012 Olympic Games).

David "Ziggy": Bob and Rita's oldest son, Ziggy, was born in 1968, and is a successful reggae musician who was the leader of the Melody Makers, and continues to perform and record albums for both adults and children and has won four Grammy Awards. He also recently released his first comic book, Marijuanaman.

Stephen: Stephen Marley was born in Wilmington, Delaware to Bob and Rita Marley in 1972.

He is a Grammy-nominated musician and record producer who has worked with his siblings (both with the Melody Makers and on some of their solo projects) as well as artists like The Fugees, Michael Franti, and Nelly.

Robert "Robbie": The son of Pat Williams, Robbie was born in 1972, but has spent his life out of the spotlight.

Rohan: Born in 1972 to Bob Marley and Janet Hunt, Rohan Marley is a musician, a former collegiate and professional football player (for the University of Miami and later the Canadian Football League's Ottawa Rough Riders), and an entrepreneur who co-founded both the Tuff Gong clothing line and the Marley Coffee business. He has five children with singer and actress Lauryn Hill, though they are no longer a couple.

Karen: Born in England in 1973 to Bob Marley and Janet Bowen, Karen grew up in Jamaica and has kept her life largely private.

Stephanie: Rita's daughter Stephanie was born in 1974, and whether or not Bob was her biological father is disputed, though he raised her as his own regardless. Stephanie is a businesswoman and is currently the director of the Marley Resort and Spa, a former Marley family vacation home in Nassau, the Bahamas, which has been converted into a luxury vacation resort.

Julian: The son of Lucy Pounder, Julian was born in London in 1975 and grew up to become a Grammy-nominated musician who tours regularly and has performed with his brothers Ziggy, Stephen, and Damian.

Ky-Mani: Born in 1976 to table tennis champion Anita Belnavis, Ky-Mani is a popular reggae and dancehall musician and a film actor who starred in the 2003 Jamaican film One Love.

Damian: Bob's youngest son Damian was born in 1978 to Cindy Breakspeare, a former Miss World, and a respected jazz musician. Damian, nicknamed "Junior Gong," is a reggae musician and has won three Grammy Awards and has worked with an impressive and diverse array of artists, from Nas to Mick Jagger to Skrillex.

It is sometimes speculated that Bob had two other daughters, Imani Carole (born in 1963 to Cheryl Murray) and Makeda (born in 1981 to Yvette Crichton), but they are not officially acknowledged on the Marley family website.