The Bob Ross Method of Painting: Love or Hate It?

Bob Ross Painting Method

First things first: if you've never heard of Bob Ross, here's a taster of his style for a Raccoon and Bright Autumn Trees. Now to the opinion of Empty Easel blog, which says there are three things wrong with the Bob Ross method of painting, starting with the fact that students' paintings generally look the same. This is fine when you first start out, but how do you develop from there to paint something that's not a Bob Ross clone?

Read Helpful or Harmful for a strong opinion about the Bob Ross Method of Painting.

Whether you love or hate Bob Ross's style of painting, there's no denying that more than a decade after his death his videos and books are still introducing lots of people to the pleasures of painting. And that's no bad thing, even if it's not a style of painting I'd hang in my lounge (but then I wouldn't easily hang much of Picasso's work either).

Poll: What Do You Think of the Bob Ross Painting Method?
1. Love it and still use it
2. Urgh, hate it
3. Can't get past the hairdo
4. What's the problem with it?
5. I'm still on paint by numbers
6. Used it and moved on
7. You've just converted me
8. Something else -- please post a comment to explain
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