Body Parts - The Head

Learn the Mandarin Chinese names of the parts of the human head, complete with audio files for pronunciation and listening practice.


China - Yunnan - Xishuangbanna - A Monks Gets His Head Shaven
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English: Head
Pinyin: tóu
Traditional Chinese: 頭
Simplified Chinese: 头​​


Forehead touching
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English: Forehead
Pinyin: étóu
Traditional Chinese: 額 頭
Simplified Chinese: 额 头​


Women of the Dong people from Sanjiang.
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English: Hair
Pinyin: tóu fa
Traditional Chinese: 頭 髮
Simplified Chinese: 头 发​


China - Beijing - Group of girls wearing cat ears in the Shichahai
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English: Ear
Pinyin: ěrduo
Chinese: 耳 朵​


Close up of woman's eye
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English: Eye
Pinyin: yǎn jīng
Chinese: 眼 睛​


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English: Eyelashes
Pinyin: jié máo
Chinese: 睫毛​


A woman applies makeup to her eyebrows
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English: Eyebrows
Pinyin: méi mao
Chinese: 眉毛​


A woman nips the nose of a waxwork at Madame Tussauds Shanghai
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English: Nose
Pinyin: bízi
Chinese: 鼻子​


Bride dressed in traditional Chinese clothing, looking at camera as groom kisses her on the cheek
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English: Cheeks
Pinyin: liǎn jiá
Traditional Chinese: 臉頰
Simplified Chinese: 脸颊​


A woman feeds a ring-tailed lemur with her mouth
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English: Mouth
Pinyin: zuǐ bā
Chinese: 嘴巴​


Chinese boy brushing teeth
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English: Teeth
Pinyin: yá chǐ
Traditional Chinese: 牙齒
Simplified Chinese: 牙齿​


A smiling girl shows her gums
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English: Gums
Pinyin: yá yín
Traditional Chinese: 牙齦
Simplified Chinese: 牙龈​