Bon marché

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Expression: Bon marché

Pronunciation: [ bo(n) mar shay]

Meaning: inexpensive, cheap

Literal translation: good deal

Register: normal


The French expression bon marché might be translated by either "inexpensive" or "cheap." Like the latter, bon marché can be both positive (indicating a reasonable price) and negative (insulting the product's quality).

Bon marché is invariable in gender and number: it does not change to agree with the noun it modifies.


    Je cherche un cadeau bon marché.

   I'm looking for an inexpensive gift.


    Avez-vous des voitures bon marché ?

   Do you have any cheap cars?

However, bon marché can be made comparative and superlative:

    Je préfère la télévision meilleur marché, même si elle est un peu plus petite.

   I prefer the cheaper TV, even though it's a little smaller.


    Il a acheté les chaussures les meilleur marché.

   He bought the least expensive shoes.

​Synonyms (Positive and Negative)

  • un bon rapport qualité-prix - good value
  • une bonne affaire - good deal
  • un prix avantageux - bargain price
  • pas cher - inexpensive
  • une mauvaise affaire - bad deal
  • la pacotille - cheap piece of junk


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