Bon voyage

French expressions analyzed and explained

Bon voyage
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Expression: Bon voyage

Pronunciation: [bo(n) vwa yazh]

Meaning: have a good trip

Literal translation: good trip

Register: normal

Notes: The expression bon voyage is used in both French and English to say good-bye to travelers and wish them well.

Related expressions
  • bonnes vacances - enjoy your vacation/holiday
  • bonne route - safe journey, drive safely
  • bon retour - safe journey home
In French, bon can be added to pretty much any noun to wish someone well:
  • bon match - enjoy the game, have a good game
  • bonne promenade - have a nice walk, enjoy your walk
  • bon vélo - have a nice bike ride, enjoy your bike ride
  • bon week-end - have a nice weekend
And it means "happy" in relation to special occasions:More
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