Bonnie Covel

Bonnie Covel first became interested in TV dramas when she was in high school and the original 90210 was on. Since then, she's devoured as many dramas as she can, getting invested in the characters, and guessing the answers to the mysteries.


Bonnie Covel's background is in broadcasting and writing. She was's Guide to Lost for five years. She is a professional TV viewer who has a knack for catching the details that others may miss.

Bonnie Covel

I love Lost! I love everything about the characters, the mystery, and the mythology. I own all the DVDs and will watch each episode many more times in my lifetime. I love any character driven drama, mystery, sci-fi, or family show. And I love sharing my knowledge of these programs with you, discussing plot points, and hearing your take on different shows. Rachel Thomas and I have teamed up to bring you everything you need to know about your favorite TV dramas.

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