Top Books for Learning Punjabi Alphabet and Gurmukhi Script Through English

Punjabi Alphabet Books for Learning to Read Gurmukhi Using English

The Gurmukhi script is identical to the basic Punjabi alphabet. These books offer invaluable guides to pronunciation and character recognition vital for learning to read the phonetic Gurmukhi script used in Sikh scripture. I have most of these books in my personal library. All have something unique to offer. I used them initially to learn, and refer to them periodically as a refresher to improve, character recognition and pronunciation skill. Books use both English and Romanized transliteration and are great for both children and adults interested in learning to read and write the Punjabi alphabet or Gurmukhi script.

Punjabi Made Easy (Book One) by J.S.Nagra published by Nagra Publications 1984, revised January 2006 (48 pages softcover). Offers illustrated diagram of tongue position and practical pronunciation of Punjabi characters identical to Gurmukhi script. Includes simple illustrated lessons with consonants, vowels, auxiliary characters and numbers in large bold type. Very basic and great for beginners. The first in a series, book one uses examples of Punjabi, Romanized transliteration and English throughout. Attention is given to each vowel using word examples and lesson phrases with easily identifiable words. If you are a beginner with no previous knowledge of Punjabi or Gurmukhi, this is the book for you.

ISBN: 1-870383-01-X

Panjabi Made Easy Workbook 1 by J.S.Nagra published by Nagra Publications September 2008 (48 pages softcover). This workbook may be used to accompany the Punjab Made Easy Book One. Aids learning the shape of Punjabi (Gurmukhi) letters and their sounds. Format offers pages for tracing and copying letters.

ISBN: 1-870383-85-0

Panjabi Made Easy Workbook 1 by J.S.Nagra published by Nagra Publications September 1, 2008. Follow up to Punjab Made Easy Book One. Entertaining exercises and activities promote Punjabi (Gurmukhi) letter, and simple word, recognition. English language instructions for parents, teachers, and students. Softcover 48 pages.

ISBN- 10:1870383907 & ISBN-13: 978-1870383905

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Learn Punjabi in 30 Days (for English Speakers) by N.S.R. Ganathe

Learn Punjabi in 30 Days by N.S.R. Ganathe (160 pages softcover edition) published by Balaji, India. Offers guide to writing and pronunciation of characters, simple words, and phrases in five sections, based on building recognition of phonetic consonants and vowels to form simple words. Examples include pronouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, directions, days of the week, months, time, parts of the body, relationships, birds, animals, colors, numbers, education, industry and occupation. Beginning lessons include Romanized transliteration. Advanced reading exercises are in Punjabi and English on opposing pages including examples of conversation, letter writing, and proverbial stories of Guru Nanak.

ISBN-13: 9781553940470

ISBN: 1553940474

A Start in Punjabi Based on Comparative Structures of Punjabi and American English by Henry A. Gleason, Jr and Harjeet Singh Gill, originally published by the Registrar, Punjabi University Patalia (152 pages, softcover edition). This book offers an in-depth guide to pronunciation of Punjabi characters and vowels using the diacritical marks and symbols of American English. The book was introduced and circulated in the USA in 1963 as a study guide for Hartford Studies in Linguistics, and reads like a language lesson course. It discusses fine points of pronunciation giving information about position of tongue and teeth, breath and tonal pitch. Lessons include proverbial stories of Guru Nanak and Mardana.

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