Top 9 Books of House Plans - Catalogs to Dream

These big books are packed with plans for building your new home

grand suburban home, a mix of styles, columns and arches, a variety of windows and roof styls
Suburban Home in Upstate New York. Jackie Craven

Building a new home begins with a dream, and a good place to start is to browse through house plan catalogs. These house plan catalogs include illustrations for popular house styles along with floor plans and elevation drawings. Find a house plan you like, and you can order the blueprints.

This huge, eclectic collection is a good place to begin browsing if you don't know what you want. The hefty volume includes everything from modest cottages to grand estates.
Donald A. Gardner Architects has given us 100 Easy-Living Home Plans and he claims they are affordable. You be the judge.

These small homes are practical, economical, clean-cut, and contemporary. This book has received mixed reviews because many of the plans are for two-story houses. For some people, that's one floor too many!

For anyone who has big dreams but not a lot of land, a practical and stylish selection of 250 house plans for homes 17' to 50' wide. This 1999 book from Home Planners may be bought used, which sounds like a good idea to me. Narrow Lot Home Plans can also be found online at website such as Family Home Plans OR

Finding the right house plan when you have a narrow lot is a tough task. This book, from the editors at Hanley Wood publishers, will give you more ideas. Check out online sources, like the House Plans for Narrow Lots at, OR


I've seen some of these houses built in my local upscale neighborhood. Elaborate and indulgent, simple yet elegant homes, with sleek contemporary designs: These homes are costly, but magnificent. Keep in mind your lot size, however. On too small of a site, these homes can look ridiculous. On the right plot of land, they become castles. This book is from Home Planners.

Subtitled150 Beautiful Home Plans in All Sizes and Styles, this

Designs Direct publication from 2007 gives a full-color photo tour of only 44 homes, according to the cover. Nevertheless, these books can often be bought used, and what's the price of a dream, anyway....



I've heard some good comments about this 2010 book from Creative Homeowner. With hundreds of plans and photos, this book of home plans should give the thrifty homeowner a truckload of ideas. One-story homes are in—stairs are out!

At over 600 pages, this mega-book published by Creative Homeowner in 2015 is, well, the Ultimate Book of Home Plans. But, just like the old Sears Catalog Modern Home series, after looking at so many plans, the designs tend to look repetitive. In fact, this book has been published for years under different names, including Lowe's Ultimate Book of Home Plans. Nevertheless, everything old is new again to someone. Keep a list of the features you like in each plan, and soon you'll have the formula for your own dream home.