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Boston University and Kenmore Square

The Citgo Sign in Kenmore Square on the Boston University Campus
The Citgo Sign in Kenmore Square on the Boston University Campus. Rusty Clark - On the Air M-F 8am-noon / Flickr

Boston University's location is hard to miss, for the giant illuminated Citgo sign is visible for miles along the Charles River. The sign towers above Kenmore Square on the eastern edge of BU's campus.

Kenmore Square is a mainstay in Boston University's campus. BU's Barnes & Noble bookstore, which sells course books as well as BU clothing, lies in the heart of Kenmore Square. The Starbucks in the bookstore is a popular study spot for students in East Campus.

Myles Standish Hall, a large dormitory, is right in Kenmore Square. Both Shelton Hall, another large residence, and the Bay State Road dormitories, are just a short walk away. BU's newest building, the BU Student Center, is also a close neighbor.

Kenmore Square is a popular destination among students, as it is right by Fenway Park, as well as a vibrant selection of restaurants, cafés and bars that are easily accessible to students in both East Campus and South Campus.

This photo tour will travel from east to west across the BU campus and introduce you to many of the campus highlights.

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Boston University Student Center

Boston University Student Center
Boston University Student Center. Photo Credit: Katie Doyle

One of BU's newest buildings, the BU Student Center, is a six-story structure housing a two-story dining hall, advising services, the Educational Resource Center and Career Services. With its Fall 2012 opening, the building provides a new home that re-invigorates important academic services, while serving as a social hub for East campus students. Located on 100 Bay State Road, the BU Student Center is right near Kenmore Square.

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Bay State Road

Bay State Road
Bay State Road. Photo Credit: Katie Doyle

Bay State Road, nestled between the Charles River and Commonwealth Ave, is home to multiple dormitories and department buildings. Most of the residences on Bay State Road are brownstones, which are smaller residences that house up to fifty students. Many of Boston University's specialty community residences--for example, the Chinese House, the Classics House and the Management House--are located on Bay State Road. Bay State brownstones are favorites by upperclassmen, due to the pretty tree-lined street and attractive architecture.

Shelton Hall and The Towers are two larger dormitories, both with dining halls, on Bay State. The English department, the Political Science department and the History Department are just some of the academic buildings located on Bay State. Other Boston University establishments, including the Hillel House, the Catholic Center and the Admissions Building, can also be found there. The road is the namesake of the BUTV show "Bay State," which is the longest-running college soap opera in the country.

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The Castle at Boston University

Boston University Castle
Boston University Castle. Photo Credit: Katie Doyle

The BU Castle, located on Bay State Road, is one of the oldest buildings on BU's campus. Originally owned by Boston businessman, William Lindsey, the castle was donated to BU in 1939. From then until 1967, the castle housed BU's presidents.

Today, the Castle is typically rented out for special events, such as receptions or conferences. In the basement of the castle is the BU Pub. It is the only Boston University run establishment that offers alcoholic drinks to students who are 21 or over. A popular challenge offered by the Pub is the "Knight's Quest," in which students must drink 50 different types of beer over the course of their student career.

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Boston University School of Management

Boston University School of Management
Boston University School of Management. Photo Credit: Katie Doyle

While all undergraduates at Boston University's School of Management earn degrees in Business Organization, the school offers concentrations in ten specific areas, such as Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Law. A hallmark of SMG is the Cross-Functional Core program, in which students take courses in Marketing, Operations, Information Systems and Finance, and eventually form teams to create a unique business plan for a new product.

The lobby of the School of Management building is pictured here. The facilities also include the Pardee Management Library, a quiet setting ideal for studious work, a Starbucks coffee shop, state-of-the-art classrooms, and multiple soundproof rooms for teamwork.

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College of Communication at BU

BU College of Communication
Boston University College of Communication. Photo Credit: Katie Doyle

Boston University's College of Communication offers degree programs in Film & Television, Journalism, Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations. "COM," as it is nicknamed, enrolls more than 2,000 students. The home base of Boston University's student-managed radio station, WTBU, and television station, BUTV, COM provides both professional and academic opportunities for students to build their careers. Since its founding in 1947, COM has produced a slew of notable alumni, including Andy Cohen, Bill O'Reilly and Howard Stern.

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Warren Towers at Boston University

Boston University Warren Towers
Boston University Warren Towers. Photo Credit: Marisa Benjamin

Warren Towers is one of the primary underclassmen dorms on BU's campus, and usually houses freshman students. Most rooms within Warren are doubles, although there are some singles and quads.

Warren is located across from the College of Arts and Sciences, and is right by the College of Communication, making it the ideal residence for freshman students who want to be close to their classes. With the capacity to hold 1800 students, Warren Towers is the second largest non-military dorm in the country. Each tower has a total of 18 stories with a four-story base. Warren Towers shares a block with the nearby Campus Convenience, Subway, and a Starbucks, which is an especially popular study spot for East Campus students.

In addition to the residences, Warren Towers has a variety of study rooms, a music room, a game room, and several laundry rooms. Shared among the three towers is Warren Dining Hall, one of the largest dining options on campus.

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BU's College of Arts and Sciences

Boston University College of Arts and Sciences
BU College of Arts and Sciences. Photo Credit: Marisa Benjamin

Founded in 1873, the College of Arts and Sciences is the largest college at Boston University, with over 7,000 undergraduate and 2,000 graduate students currently enrolled. The college offers over 60 majors and 2,500 courses in all disciplines.

Located in the center of CAS is the Tsai Performance Center, the main venue for most BU concerts, plays, lectures, and conferences. The Coit Observatory is located on the rooftop of CAS. Every Wednesday night, the observatory is open to the public, weather permitting. Also located on the roof of CAS is the greenhouse garden, overseen by the geology department. The Organic Gardening Club primarily uses the greenhouse, but it is open to everyone.

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CAS Classroom

Boston University Lecture Hall
BU Lecture Hall. Photo Credit: Katie Doyle

This classroom within the College of Arts and Sciences seats about 100 students, and is representative of most lecture halls within the university. Down the road from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences in one of the university's biggest classroom venues, the vine-covered Morse Auditorium, which is a theater-style building used for lectures and other events.

The majority of the lecture halls at Boston University are used for large introductory classes. However, the average class size at Boston University is 28 students, so many courses take place in smaller classrooms. In its entirety, Boston University has 481 classrooms and over 2,000 laboratories.

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Marsh Plaza at Boston University

Marsh Plaza at Boston University
Marsh Plaza at Boston University. Photo Credit: Katie Doyle

Marsh Plaza is the geographical center of campus. It is bordered by the School of Theology and the College of Arts and Sciences, and Marsh Chapel, the university's official place of worship, stands as its centerpiece. The "Free at Last" sculpture within the Plaza is dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr., who attended graduate school at Boston University. A popular legend on campus holds that any student who steps on the seal next to the statue won't graduate in four years.

Marsh Plaza is directly across from the BU Central stop of the "T" that runs down Commonwealth Ave. Marsh Plaza is a popular resting spot among students, especially on sunny days, particularly because it is in close proximity to all of Boston University's colleges.

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Mugar Memorial Library

Mugar Memorial Library at Boston University
Mugar Memorial Library at BU. Photo Credit: Marisa Benjamin

The Mugar Memorial Library is the main library for students and faculty on campus. With five floors, Mugar offers a variety of different study spaces, from the PAL Lounge that's great for group work, to the quiet cubbies on the 4th and 5th floors.

The Howard Gotleib Archival Research Center, also located in Mugar, contains thousands of historical documents from individuals in the fields of politics, literature, national affairs, civil rights, film, music, and journalism. On the third floor is the Martin Luther King Jr. reading room, which contains some of the work by BU's most famous alumnus.

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BU Beach

Boston University Beach
Boston University Beach. Photo Credit: Marisa Benjamin

The BU Beach was created in 1971 as part of an effort to transform BU into a school with a traditional college atmosphere. However, the BU Beach is not a "beach" at all. This park makes up most of the grassy area behind Marsh Plaza. The origins of its nickname, "the beach," are still debated. Storrow Drive, a highway along the Charles River, runs parallel to the BU Beach, and many students claim if you close your eyes, the cars sound like waves. No matter the origin, it is not uncommon to see students sunbathing, playing Frisbee, or enjoying a nap on hot, sunny days, giving the BU Beach a true "beach" vibe.

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George Sherman Union
George Sherman Union. Photo Credit: Katie Doyle

The George Sherman Union is the hub of student activity on BU's campus. The Center for Gender and Sexuality Activism, the Community Service Center and the Howard Thurman Center are located in the basement of the GSU. The Howard Thurman center serves as both a cultural center for all people, a learning center and a social space, with an emphasis on diversity. It also runs a blog called Culture Shock that aims to illuminate the common ground between various types of people at BU.

Panda Express, Charles River Bread Company, Starbucks and Jamba Juice are a few options available to students in the first floor's food court, which caters to all diets, vegetarians included. The Campus Convenience store, with locations sporadically around campus, is across from Starbucks and is a student's best option for a quick snack.

Metcalf Hall, BU's largest auditorium, is located on the second floor. Such artists as Young The Giant and Chiddy Bang have performed at the venue for BU's annual fall concerts. Freshman orientation takes place in Metcalf during the summer, and the largest organ in New England is located in Metcalf Hall.

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Fitness and Recreation Center

BU Fitness and Recreation Center
BU Fitness and Recreation Center. Photo Credit: Marisa Benjamin

Opened in 2005, the Fitness and Recreation Center is the primary athletic facility on campus. All BU students have free access to FitRec.

There are two swimming pools, a lazy river, a rock-climbing wall, and an indoor running track. However, most students can be found working out in FitRec's 18,000 sq. feet state-of-the art weight and cardio rooms on the first and second floor. Many of BU's dance studios are located in FitRec as well. Intramural sports teams use FitRec's courts for recreational games.

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Agganis Arena

Agganis Arena
Agganis Arena. Photo Credit: Katie Doyle

Agganis Arena seats over 7,000 spectators, making it the ideal venue for commencement ceremonies, concerts and hockey games. The arena is named after alumnus Harry Agganis, who was a star football player at Boston University before going on to play baseball for the Red Sox. The arena houses the Jack Parker Rink, named after an alumni who now coaches the hockey team.

Agganis Arena is situated in Boston University's West Campus, close to the John Hancock Student Village dormitories, the Fitness and Recreation Center and Nickerson Field.

The Division I Boston University Terriers compete in the America East Conference for most sports.

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The Hancock Student Village at BU

Hancock Student Village at BU
Hancock Student Village at BU. Photo Credit: Marisa Benjamin

The Hancock Student Village, or as students call it, "StuVi" is located in West Campus directly across from Nickerson Field. StuVi consists of two separate dorms, StuVi I and StuVi II. Both StuVi dorms are highly coveted among students, and as a result, usually house upperclassmen. Construction for Stuvi II was complete in 2009, making it the newest and nicest dorm on campus. On the floor level of StuVi I is Buick Street Market, a small grocery store and café for StuVi residents. FitRec, the university gym, and Agganis Arena are also located in The Hancock Student Village.

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BU's West Campus

Boston University West Campus
Boston University West Campus. Photo Credit: Marisa Benjamin

BU's West Campus is home to Claflin Hall, Sleeper Hall and Rich Hall, three dorms that usually house freshman students. West Campus is also popular among athletes, because of its close proximity to a majority of BU's athletic facilities, including Nickerson Field, Agganis Arena and Case Athletic Center. The Fresh Food Company, the dining hall in West Campus, is connected to Claflin and Sleeper Hall. West's cafeteria is considered to be one of the best on-campus dining options.

A number of academic buildings, including the College of General Studies, the College of Fine Arts and the School of Hospitality Administration, are located in West Campus.

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