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Virgil Akins-fight-by-fight record from
Oscar Albarado-fight-by-fight record from
Laila Ali-fight-by-fight record
Muhammad Ali-bio from
Ali's Fight-by-Fight Record 
Ali's Fight-by-Fight Record and Fight Clips- from
Sammy Angott-bio from
Vito Antuofermo-fight-by-fight record from
Alexis Arguello-bio from Internet Boxing Records Archive
Henry Armstrong-bio from Internet Boxing Records Archive
Armstrong's Fight-by-Fight Record- from
Abe Attell-bio from


Billy Backus-fight-by-fight record from
In-Chul Baek-fight-by-fight record from
Max Baer-fight-by-fight record from
Jimmy Barry-bio from
Basilio Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Carmen Basilio-bio from Internet Boxing Records Archive
Wilfred Benitez-bio from
Benitez Fight-by-Fight Record from
Nino Benvenuti-bio from
Benvenut Fight-by Fight Record- from
Jackie "Kid" Berg-bio from
Paul Berlenbach -fight-by-fight record from
Jimmy Bivins-bio from
Maurice Blocker-fight-by-fight record from
Carmelo Bossi-fight-by-fight record from
Riddick Bowe-fight-by-fight record from
James J. Braddock-fight-by-fight record from
Jack Britton-fight-by-fight record from
Lou Brouillard-fight-by-fight record from
Joe Brown-bio from
Simon Brown-fight-by-fight record from
Ken Buchanan-bio from
Charley Burley-bio from
Tommy Burns-fight-by-fight record from


Joe Calzaghe-fight-by-fight record
Miguel Canto-bio from
Tony Canzoneri-bio from
Primo Carnera-fight-by-fight record from
Georges Carpentier-fight-by-fight record from
Jimmy Carter-bio from
Miguel Angel Castellini-fight-by-fight record from
Marcel Cerdan-bio from
Cerdan Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Antonio Cervantes-bio from
Jeff Chandler-bio from
Ezzard Charles-bio from
Charles Fight-by-Fight Record- from
George Chip-fight-by-fight record from
Kid Chocolate-bio from Internet Boxing Records Archive
Joe Choynski-bio from
Freddie Cochrane-fight-by-fight record from
Curtis Cokes-fight-by-fight record from
Billy Conn-bio from
Conn Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Eddie Connolly-fight-by-fight record from
James J. Corbett-bio from
Corbett Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Young Corbett III-fight-by-fight record from
Victor Cordoba-fight-by-fight record from
Hugo Corro-fight-by-fight record from
Johnny Coulon-bio from
Donald Curry -fight-by-fight record from


Jack Delaney-fight-by-fight record from
Tony Demarco-fight-by-fight record from
Jack Dempsey-bio from
Dempsey Fight-by-Fight Record-from
"Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey-fight-by-fight record from
Jack Dillon -fight-by-fight record from
Prof. Mike Donovan-bio from
James "Buster" Douglas-fight-by-fight record from
Terry Downes-fight-by-fight record from
Paddy Duffy-fight-by-fight record from
Joe Dundee-fight-by-fight record from
Johnny Dundee-bio from
Ralph Dupas-fight-by-fight record from
Jose Duran-fight-by-fight record from
Roberto Duran-fight-by-fight record from


Jimmy Ellis-fight-by-fight record from
Flash Elorde-bio from


Rube Ferns-fight-by-fight record from
Jackie Fields-fight-by-fight record from
Bob Fitzsimmons-fight-by-fight record from
Tiger Flowers-fight-by-fight record from
George Foreman-fight-by-fight record from
Vernon Forrest-fight-by-fight record
Bob Foster-bio from
Bob Foster-fight-by-fight record from
Joe Frazier-bio from
Frazier Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Tommy Freeman-fight-by-fight record from
Gene Fullmer-bio from
Fullmer Fight-by-Fight Record-from


Khaosai Galaxy-bio from
Victor Galindez-fight-by-fight record from
Joe Gans-bio from Internet Boxing Records Archive
George Gardner-fight-by-fight record from
Jimmy Gardner-fight-by-fight record from
Arturo Gatti-fight-by-fight record
Kid Gavilan-bio from
Gavilan Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Eddie Gazo-fight-by-fight record from
Frankie Genaro-bio from
Joey Giardello-bio from
Giardello Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Mike Glover-fight-by-fight record from
Wilfredo Gomez-bio from
Billy Graham-bio from
Rocky Graziano-bio from
Graziano Fight-by-Fight Record- from
Harry Greb-bio from
Greb Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Emile Griffith-bio from
Griffith Fight-by-Fight Record-from


Marvin Hagler-bio from
Hagler Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Jerry "Wimpy" Halstead-fight-by-fight record from
Prince Naseem Hamed-fight-by-fight record
Fighting Harada-bio from
Marvin Hart-fight-by-fight record from
Thomas Hearns-fight-by-fight record from
Pete Herman-bio from
Waldemar Holberg-fight-by-fight record from
Larry Holmes-fight-by-fight record from
Lloyd Honeyghan-fight-by-fight record from
Bernard Hopkins-fight-by-fight record


Ike Ibeabuchi-fight-by-fight record


Beau Jack-bio from
James J. Jeffries-bio from Internet Boxing Records Archive
Jeffries Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Lew Jenkins-bio from
Eder Jofre-bio from
Ingemar Johansson-fight-by-fight record from
Harold Johnson-bio from
Harold Johnson Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Jack Johnson-bio from Internet Boxing Records Archive
Jack Johnson Fight-by-Fight Record- from
Mark Johnson-fight-by-fight record
Marvin Johnson-fight-by-fight record from
Don Jordan-fight-by-fight record from


Ayub Kalule-fight-by-fight record from
Stanley Ketchel-bio from Internet Boxing Records Archive
Ketchel Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Dixie Kid-fight-by-fight record from
Ki-Soo Kim-fight-by-fight record from
Frank Klaus-fight-by-fight record from
Vitali Klitschko-fight-by-fight record
Masahi Kudo-fight-by-fight record from


Jake LaMotta-bio from
LaMotta Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Sam Langford-bio from Internet Boxing Records Archive
Pete Latzo-fight-by-fight record from
Kid Lavigne-bio from
Benny Leonard-bio from Internet Boxing Records Archive
Sugar Ray Leonard-bio from
Leonard Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Gus Lesnevich-fight-by-fight record from
Battling Levinsky-fight-by-fight record from
Harry Lewis-fight-by-fight record from
John Henry Lewis-fight-by-fight record from
Lennox Lewis-fight-by-fight record
Ted (Kid) Lewis-fight-by-fight record from
Sonny Liston-bio from
Liston Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Freddie Little-fight-by-fight record from
Tommy Loughran-bio from
Loughran Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Joe Louis-bio from
Louis Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Ron Lyle-fight-by-fight record from
Benny Lynch-bio from


Pete Maher-fight-by-fight record from
Sammy Mandell-bio from
Rocky Marciano-bio from
Marciano Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Matty Matthews-fight-by-fight record from
Joey Maxim-bio from
Maxim Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Floyd Mayweather Jr.-fight-by-fight record
Sandro Mazzinghi-fight-by-fight record from
Jack McAuliffe-bio from
Tom McCormick-fight-by-fight record from
Al McCoy-fight-by-fight record from
Charles "Kid" McCoy-bio from
Buddy McGirt-fight-by-fight record from
Jimmy McLarnin-bio from
McLarnin Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Mike McTigue-fight-by-fight record from
Sam McVey-bio from
Honey Mellody-fight-by-fight record from
Freddie Miller-bio from
Freddie Mills-fight-by-fight record from
Alan Minter-fight-by-fight record from
Tom Molineaux-bio from
Bob Montgomery-bio from
Carlos Monzon-bio from
Monzon Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Archie Moore-bio from
Moore Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Erik Morales-fight-by-fight record
Tommy Morrison-fight-by-fight record from
Denny Moyer-fight-by-fight record from
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-fight-by-fight record from


Jose Napoles-bio from
Napoles Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Terry Norris-fight-by-fight record from
Ken Norton-bio from
Norton Fight-by-Fight Record-from


Fulgencio Obelmejias-fight-by-fight record from
Philadelphia Jack O'Brien -fight-by-fight record from
Mike O'Dowd-fight-by-fight record from
Bob Olin-fight-by-fight record from
Ruben Olivares-bio from
Carl "Bobo" Olson-fight-by-fight record from
Carlos Ortiz-bio from
Manuel Ortiz-bio from


Carlos Palomino-fight-by-fight record from
Billy Papke-fight-by-fight record from
Benny "Kid" Paret-fight-by-fight record from
Chong-Pal Park-fight-by-fight record from
Mate Parlov-fight-by-fight record from
Willie Pastrano-fight-by-fight record from
Floyd Patterson-bio from
Patterson Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Paul Pender-fight-by-fight record from
Eusebio Pedroza-bio from
Willie Pep-bio from
Pascual Perez-bio from
Aaron Pryor-bio from


Dwight Qawi-fight-by-fight record from
Jerry Quarry-fight-by-fight record from


David Reid-fight-by-fight record
Bill Richmond-bio from
Lucia Rijker-fight-by-fight record
Luis Rodriguez-bio from
Sugar Ray Robinson-bio from
Robinson Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Luis Manuel Rodriguez-fight-by-fight record from
Jack Root-fight-by-fight record from
Maxie Rosenbloom-fight-by-fight record from
Barney Ross-bio from
Ross Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Mike Rossman-fight-by-fight record from
Tommy Ryan-fight-by-fight record from


Matthew Saad Muhammad-bio from
Saad Muhammad Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Sandy Saddler-bio from
Vicente Saldivar-bio from
Dutch Sam-bio from
Salvador Sanchez-bio from
Corrie Sanders-fight-by-fight record
Johnny Saxton-fight-by-fight record from
Max Schmeling-bio from
Schmeling Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Bruce Seldon-fight-by-fight record from
Marty Servo-fight-by-fight record from
Jack Sharkey-bio from
Sharkey Fight-by-Fight Record-from
"Sailor" Tom Sharkey-fight-by-fight record from
Battling Siki-fight-by-fight record from
Mysterious Billy Smith-fight-by-fight record from
Leon Spinks-fight-by-fight record from
Michael Spinks-bio from
Spinks Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Marlon Starling-fight-by-fight record from
Freddie Steele-bio from
Steele Fight-by-Fight Record-from
John H. Stracey-fight-by-fight record from
John L. Sullivan-fight-by-fight record from
Murray Sutherland-fight-by-fight record from


Lew Tendler-bio from
Ernie Terrell-fight-by-fight record from
Young Jack Thompson-fight-by-fight record from
Dick Tiger-bio from
Tiger Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Chris Tiozzo-fight-by-fight record from
Jose Torres-bio from
Torres Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Felix Trinidad-fight-by-fight record
Kostya Tszyu-fight-by-fight record
Gene Tunney-bio from Internet Boxing Records Archive
Tunney Fight-by-Fight Record- from
Randy Turpin-fight-by-fight record from
Mike Tyson-fight-by-fight record
Tyson Timeline


Jorge Vaca-fight-by-fight record from
Rodrigo Valdez-fight-by-fight record from
Edwin Valero-fight-by-fight record
Fernando Vargas-fight-by-fight record


Koichi Wajima-fight-by-fight record from
Jersey Joe Walcott-bio from
Joe Walcott-fight-by-fight record from
Jersey Joe Walcott-fight-by-fight record from
Mickey Walker-bio from
Walker Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Mike Weaver-fight-by-fight record from
Matt Wells-fight-by-fight record from
Freddie Welsh-bio from
Pernell Whitaker-fight-by-fight record from
Jimmy Wilde-bio from Internet Boxing Records Archive
Jess Willard-fight-by-fight record from
Ike Williams-bio from
Harry Wills-bio from
Chalky Wright-bio from


Jae-Do Yuh-fight-by-fight record from


Tony Zale-bio from
Zale Fight-by-Fight Record-from
Carlos Zarate-bio from
Fritzie Zivic-bio from
Zivic Fight-by-Fight Record-from