'General Hospital' Star Bree Williamson

She's best known as Jessica Buchanan from 'One Life to Live'

Bree Williamson (Jessica, OLTL). Copyrighted

Canadian actress Bree Williamson became a familiar face to American daytime television viewers on the now-canceled soap opera "One Life to Live" as Jessica, daughter of series mainstay Victoria Lord Buchanan. She assumed the role in 2003 and continued to play Jessica (and her alternate personalities Tess and Bess) until the series ended in 2012.

Williamson also had a brief stint on "General Hospital" as Claudette Beaulieu, estranged wife of Nathan West and surrogate mother of Charlotte, the biological daughter of Valentin Cassadine and Lulu Falconeri.

Williamson was born Dec. 28, 1979, in Toronto. Her mother named her after the character, Sabrina, from the 1970s television drama "Charlie’s Angels."

She originally had plans to pursue a career in business, psychology or women’s studies, but graduated from the University of Toronto, with a bachelor's degree in science. While still living in Toronto she devoted her free time to community service.

Williamson married Michael Roberts in 2008 and the couple has a son, McGreggor Edward Roberts.

Bree Williamson Acting Career

Between 2009 and 2015, Williamson had roles on a variety of different television shows, including "Gossip Girl," "Law and Order: Criminal Intent," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "True Detective," and "Chicago Fire." She even made an appearance on the reality show "Hell's Kitchen" as a celebrity chef. 

Williamson on as Jessica on ‘One Life to Live’

But the role for which she's best known is Jessica Buchanan.

And in a weird twist of fate, she almost didn't make "One Life to Live" at all. Williamson had auditioned for another part on the show but was not cast because she looked so much like series regular Erin Torpey, who was playing the role of Jessica at the time.

When Torpey left the show in 2003, producers remembered Williamson and invited her to take over the role.

Jessica was one of the more melodramatic characters on “One Life to Live,” behaving as a loving, warm- hearted daughter and mother one moment, and a sadistically, mentally disturbed individual the next. She had inherited her mother Victoria’s dissociative personality disorder, which made for numerous plot lines involving mistaken identity.

Jessica was married five times and had four children Ryder Ford, Megan Rappaport, Bree Brennan and Chloe Brennan.

Williamson as Claudette on ‘General Hospital’

The enigmatic Claudette had a brief but pivotal stint on “General Hospital” in 2016. As the surrogate mother of Charlotte, she was in danger from Valentin, the child’s father. As far as Charlotte was concerned, Claudette was her mother. But Valentin later revealed that Charlotte was his and Lulu’s biological daughter.

Claudette and Nathan had never officially divorced, so their status complicated his intentions to marry Maxie Jones. But in 2017, it appeared that Claudette had committed suicide in Canada, and Nathan and Maxie were free to marry.

Valentin and Lulu became involved in a nasty battle for custody of Charlotte. It was suggested (though not overtly stated or proven) that Valentin, who had killed Lulu’s brother (and his cousin) Nikolas Cassadine, had also been responsible for Claudette’s death.