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One of the possible meanings of the Brennan surname is "sorrow," from an Irish word for "teardrop."
One of the possible meanings of the Brennan surname is "sorrow," from an Irish word for "teardrop.". Getty / Yuichiro Chino

One of Ireland's most frequent surnames, Brennan generally derived as a form of one of several Irish language surnames:

  1. From the Irish Ó Braonáin, meaning "descendant of Braonán." The Irish personal name Braonán is believed to mean "sorrow," from the Irish braon, meaning "moisture" or "drop."
  2. From the Irish names Mac Branáin and Ó Branáin, both meaning "descendant of Branán," from the given name Branán, derived from bran, meaning "little raven."

The Mac Branáin were chiefs of a large territory in present-day County Roscommon, and many of the Brennan families in the counties of Mayo, Sligo and Roscommon descend from them. The O'Brennans were chiefs of the Uí Duach sept located in northern Osraighe (Ossory), which included all of county Kilkenny and part of county Laois.

Brennan is one of 50 common Irish surnames of modern Ireland. 

Surname Origin: Irish


Where do People with the Surname BRENNAN Live?

Irish Brennan families were very widespread, settling in Fermanagh, Galway, Kerry, Kilkenny, and Westmeath. According to WorldNames publicprofiler, individuals with the Brennan last name are now found in largest numbers in central Ireland, especially in County Sligo and the province of Leinster. The surname is much less common in Northern Ireland.

Famous People with the Surname BRENNAN

  • Walter Brennan - American actor, veteran of over 100 films
  • Willie Brennan - Irish highwayman of legend, immortalized by "Brennan on the Moor"
  • William J. Brennan Jr. - former US Supreme Court justice
  • Maeve Brennan - Irish short story writer and journalist

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