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Christy Clark Premier of British Columbia

Christy Clark is the 35th Premier of British Columbia and was elected Westside-Kelowna MLA in 2013. If you would like to contact her, you can do so via email, phone, or formal letter using the information below. You will also find it helpful to know the proper etiquette for addressing her in your correspondence.

How to Contact the Premier of British Columbia

You can write the Premier of British Columbia through a variety of means. Phone and fax numbers for her office are also available.

Email Address: premier@gov.bc.ca

Mailing Address:
The Honourable Christy Clark
Premier of British Columbia
Box 9041
Victoria, BC
V8W 9E1

Phone Number: (250) 387-1715

Fax Number: (250) 387-0087

How to Properly Address the Premier

According to the British Columbia Office of Protocol, there is a specific way that you should address the Premier. This formality shows respect for the office of the provincial government and it's always a good idea to follow proper etiquette when addressing her.

In writing, use the format found in the mailing address for the letterhead:

The Honourable Christy Clark, M.L.A.
Premier of British Columbia

M.L.A. stands for "Member of the Legislative Assembly." It is used because the Premier is the leader of the majority political party in the legislative assembly. For instance, Christy Clark is the leader of the British Columbia Liberal Party, which is why she was sworn in as Premier for her second term on June 10, 2013.

If addition, the Office of Protocol states that the salutation in your email or letter should read "Dear Premier."

If you happen to meet the Premier in person, there is a protocol for addressing her in conversation as well. It is most appropriate to use "Premier" or "Premier Clark." You may also use the less formal "Mrs. Clark" if you are comfortable with that.

Of course, as new Premiers are sworn in, these titles will change. No matter who's in the executive office, use their last name and the appropriate Mr., Mrs., or Ms. depending on the context and formality required.