Britni Sarpy | General Hospital's Valerie Spencer

Britny Sarpy as Valerie Spencer (note the pout). ABC, Inc.
  • Accomplished actress and dancer
  • Previously auditioned for another role on General Hospital
  • Activist in several causes

Young and beautiful Brytni Sarpy has joined the cast of General Hospital, we hope for a while, as Valerie Spencer, the daughter of the late Patricia Spencer, Luke and Bobbie's long-lost sister.

Her gorgeous looks can be attributed to her unique ethnic background: Creole (French, Italian, African American), Apache and Cherokee Indian, and Filipino.

On the subject of "nationality," Sarpy writes this:

"...I have probably been asked “what race are you?” or “what are you mixed with?” more than “what’s your name?” I grew up pondering the idea of race, and why our social constructs force such distinct identifications before we venture into who the person is, or even, what their name is.

"To me it was as if people could only decide how to treat and associate with me if they knew what race I was–like a prerequisite of some sort, before moving forward...

"I have come to understand that it is a lot less about people trying to decipher how to judge you, but rather how to relate to you. I have also embraced the million dollar question and now see it as a positive: people are so intrigued by what makes us, us."

The southern California native, who is also a trained dancer, decided to become an actress in high school, after playing one of the witches in "the Scottish play" in high school.

(If you don't know the tradition behind calling a certain Shakespeare play "the Scottish play," just click on the link.  If you know Shakespeare at all, the witches should give you a hint.)

Sarpy studied at the University of California at Santa Barbara and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.

She originally appeared in theater locally, receiving positive reviews.

Moving to Los Angeles, the young actress' first opportunity came in the form of a short film, Awkward Courage, followed by You Again, a film starring Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, and Betty White.

She also found a place in print work and in commercials for corporations such as Nike, Yahoo, AT&T, New Balance, Famous Footware, and many others.

At her first General Hospital audition, Sarpy read for the role of Jordan (Vinessa Antoine), but was thought to be a little too young for the part. But she made an impression, so she was brought back for Valerie.

The 27-year-old describes herself as: "A goal-oriented Virgo, with slight OCD tendencies. I am passionate about everything I invest my time in and give no less than my whole heart to those things that inspire me. Ruminative, empathetic, and a good listener, if you ever need an ear."

She also claims she never throws anything away, adding, "I relate to Hoarders on a deeper than normal level."

Sarpy's friends say she is "Loyal, determined, and hardworking, with an odd sense of humor."

Nothing shallow about this woman. Causes to which she is committed include Art of Elysium, Goodwill Socal, Operation Blankets of Love, and Breast Cancer Awareness.

A newcomer to soaps, Sarpy loves doing Valerie on GH and tells fans, " I've been perfecting the pout since I was 2."  Viewers have noticed how well she works with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), and she loves he emotional bond Valerie and Dante are forming.

That "emotional bond," however, went too far into the physical and nearly ended the marriage of Dante and Lulu. Nowadays, "Valerie" is dating the mysterious Curtis Ashford.

It's easy to see why she has caught on with viewers and has so many fans. Her positive attitude, thoughtfulness, and awareness emanate from her.

The question now is, will Valerie be on longer?  Fans seem to really want it, and now that she's going to be living over Kelly's, we may be seeing more of her. In show-biz terms, she's a "find."

More about Brytni Sarpy:

Loves: Justin Timberlake, Netflix's House of Cards, Teppan grills, Angel by Thierry Mugler.

Favorite color: Black

Personal style: Versatile, urban, and black

Secret Talent: The ability to read people.

Favorite Trait: Honesty.

Ugliest Trait: Jealousy.  "Focus on you and there won’t be room to worry about others."

Best Advice: “Don’t freak out." (from her brother Aiden at age 3)

Inspirations: Art - theater, movies, shows, music, books, poetry.

Role models: Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Sade, her father. 

Latest Project: My Crazy Ex, for Lifetime.

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