Biography of TV Personality Brooke Burns

Former Model Finds Her Niche on Game Shows

Brooke Burns host of the chase
Brooke Burns. courtesy GSN

Brooke Burns became a household name after donning the infamous red swimsuit for the popular "Baywatch" series, but game show fans know her as the host of both "Dog Eat Dog" and the American version of "The Chase," among other shows.

Before She Was Famous

Burns was born Brooke Elizabeth Burns on March 16th, 1978, in Dallas. As a young girl she dreamed of becoming a dancer, but an injury sidelined that plan.

She took up modeling and had plenty of opportunity to make a name for herself in that profession when her family relocated to Paris.

'Baywatch' and Beyond

Like many who get their start in modeling, Burns moved on to acting. She has appeared in a number of television shows in various roles, from lead to recurring to cameo. She has starred in programs such as:

  • "Baywatch"
  • "Baywatch: Hawaii"
  • "North Shore"
  • " Pepper Dennis"
  • "Miss Guided"
  • "Melrose Place" (2009 reboot)

Burns has also appeared in a number of films, made-for- =TV movies, and flicks that went straight to video. Some of these include:

  • "Shallow Hal"
  • "Single White Female 2: The Psycho"
  • "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"
  • "Titanic II"
  • "Undercover Bridesmaid"
  • "A Sister's Revenge"

Game Show Gigs

With her bubbly personality and upbeat attitude, Burns is a natural fit with game shows. She has appeared as a contestant, co-host and host.

As a contestant, Burns has played on "Battle of the Network Stars" and the original "Fear Factor" and sat as a panelist on the 2001 version of "To Tell the Truth."

Burns' hosting duties have included a number of game shows:

  • "Dog Eat Dog," host, 2002-03
  • "Hole in the Wall," co-host, 2008-09
  • " You Deserve It," co-host, 2011
  • "The Chase," host, 2013

Burns also hosted a few reality shows like "Hair Battle Spectacular" and was a presenter at the 2009 "GSN Game Show Awards."

Quick Facts

  • In 2005, Burns broke her neck after diving into her pool. She spent moths in a neck brace and was fitted with a titanium neck plate and rod but made a full recovery.
  • As a result of the diving accident, Burns turned down celebrity-focused diving reality shows "Splash" and "Stars in Danger: The High Dive."
  • Burns was once engaged to actor Bruce Willis and is divorced from "Nip/Tuck" star Michael McMahon. She has a daughter with McMahon, Madison Elizabeth.
  • In 2013 she married Gavin O'Connor, and the pair honeymooned in Hawaii.
  • She is fairly active on Twitter, and you can find her @BrookeBurns (her account has been verified).

Burns on Burns

"There are still personalities that you bond with or a fighting spirit that you connect with, but as a host you have to stay impartial and root for all of them." -- On a conference call about hosting "Hair Battle Spectacular."

"He is the only paramedic fireman that I know. He saw me dive in, and he wrapped a wet towel around my neck and basically immobilized me and floated me in the pool until the paramedics came, so he saved my life. If I had been with anyone else that tried to move me, I would be at least half paralyzed if not completely paraplegic." -- About her diving accident and the friend who witnessed it and took action, quoted in People.

"I just like to work. I think from growing up as a ballerina, I have some incredible discipline and work ethic that was deeply ingrained in me, so whether it’s acting or hosting, I’m happy." "And I enjoy the hosting because I love people, and that’s a natural kind of medium for me that I enjoy as well." -- Celebrity Extra Online

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