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Quartz Crystal Point on Third Eye Chakra. Balancing Your Chakras

The Brow Chakra is associated with the color indigo. It is also often referred to as the third eye or the mind center. It is our avenue to wisdom - learning through our individuals experiences and putting them in perspective.

Intuitive Reasoning

Our ability to separate reality from fantasy or delusions is in connection with the healthfulness of this chakra. Achieving the art of detachment beyond "small mindedness" is accomplished through developing impersonal intuitive reasoning.

Visual Window

It is through an open brow chakra that visual images are received. The brow chakra, because of its visual aspect, plays an intricate role in the art world, imagination, and creativity in general. It is often utilized to assess the artist's muse. If we can imagine it, we can create it! 

Dreaming is a Function of the Brow Chakra

Your brow chakra functions automatically while you are in slumber. You call its function dreaming. If you are having difficulty seeing with your third eye when you are awake be assured that this chakra does work if you are remembering your dreams.

On the flip side, if you are having trouble remembering your dreams, you can nudge your brow chakra open while laying in bed before succumbing to sleep. Use your imagination to stir up images to open up the curtain. I did this often as a child to prompt flying dreams. I would imaging sitting atop a magic carpet and riding to school in style between the clouds and the streets.

Chakra Visualization

I recommend my guided meditation Breakthrough for anyone interested in soaring from the depths of their root chakra through all the chakras and into the skies. Thil guided meditation is meant to reclaim your personal power.


Brow Chakra - Associations
Numbersix (6)
Color indigo
Sanskrit Nameajna
Physical Locationcenter of the forehead
Purposesaction of ideas, insight, mind development
Spiritual Lessonunderstanding, reality check point, detachment, open mind
Physical Dysfunctionsbrain tumors, strokes, blindness, deafness, seizures, learning disabilities, spinal dysfunctions, panic, depression
Mental / Emotional Issuesfear of truth, discipline, judgement, evaluation, emotional intelligence, concept of reality, confusion
Information Stored Inside the Brow Chakraseeing clear picture (symbolic or literal), wisdom, intuition, mental facilities, intellect
Area of Body Governedbrain, neurological system, eyes, ears, nose, pituitary, pineal glands
Crystals / Gemstonespurple fluorite, sugalite, lapis
Flower Essenceswild oat, queen anne's lace, madia
Foods that Nourish the Brow Chakrablueberries, red grapes, black berries, raspberries, red wines and grape juice, lavender, poppy seed, mugwort


Learning About Chakras

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