15 Brutally Funny 'Game of Thrones' Memes

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J.K. Rowling meets George R.R. Martin

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An image gallery of the best 'Game of Thrones memes on the web.

Game of Thrones is definitely not a show that inspires much laughter from its viewers. After all, what's funny about gore, rape, incest, murder, and all of the other nasty stuff that the show is famous for?  While that sort of brutal subject matter is definitely entertaining, it's not really funny.

Yet just as with anything else, you can trust the internet to find the humor in just about anything, even blood, guts, and hateful characters!  There's just something therapeutic about making fun of heavy subject matter. This image gallery contains 15 of the funniest Game of Thrones-themed memes to have hit the web so far. Enjoy!


Fellow author J.K. Rowling felt badly for killing off some characters in her Harry Potter series of books, which really is "cute" when compared to the mass murders orchestrated by A Song of Ice and Fire writer George R.R. Martin!

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Well, have you seen them?

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It seemed like Daenerys Targaryen spent all of season two searching for those pesky missing dragons!  Sometimes a funny missing pet poster is all it takes to bring those fire-breathing flying lizards back home, where they belong.

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He puts the "imp" in "pimp."

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Peter Dinklage's portrayal of Tyrion Lannister is the stuff internet dreams are made of. The "imp" never fails to bring what few laughs the show has to offer every time he is on screen.


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Everybody hates Joffrey.

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There's one thing that all Game of Thrones viewers can agree upon: Everybody hated Lord Joffrey!  The scene in which Joffrey is being carried through town in a  gilded box provided the perfect opportunity to reference this excellent Lonely Island song from Saturday Night Live.

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Family Fun!

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Now THIS is a board game I'd actually love to play.

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Hommage to Taylor Swift

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The Stark family gets separated early on in the show series, and it seems that they're doomed to "never ever ever get back together" in this Taylor Swift-themed meme.

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Well played, Mastercard.

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This Mastercard spoof reaches meme perfection by being simple, funny, and to the point. 

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Sad Trombone.

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Ouch, poor Sam. Gotta say though; it's funny because it's true. Weren't we all thinking it?

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Thanks a lot, Dad.

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Right off the bat, the death of Robert Baratheon set the entire "game" in Game of Thrones into motion.

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Try the horse heart.

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File this under: Ewwwwww!

When the Khaleesi ate that horse heart, the internet pretty much had a field day making fun of it! This is just one of many funny memes centered around the gross-out scene from season 1.

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Office Space cross-over

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One thing is for certain, everybody loves this Office Space meme! Remember this funny Star Wars meme? There's just nothing Lumbergh can't be used for.

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Aw, how cute.

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It's so adorable when parents are proud of their demon spawn!

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South Park meets GoT

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That's exactly how it feels watching this show! As usual, this South Park meme hits the nail right on the head.

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Trending on Twitter

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Always! The Game of Thrones action is always trending on social media the day after the episode airs. How else would we get all these great memes?

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Brace Yourselves....

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Ain't that the truth?

The internet can always be counted on to put their own funny perspective on even the most serious of television shows. Thank goodness for that, or I'd be out of a job!  Looking forward to seeing what happens next on the show series... and how the internet reacts to the action online!

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