Buck Wolf

Buck Wolf has cut a strange-but-true path through the world of journalism as one of the country's best known weird news reporters.

As a columnist and entertainment producer at ABCNews.com, Buck has written on everything from modern mummification to U.S. sperm exports.

As part of the national broadcast team at the Coney Island Hot Dog Easting Contest, he has offered chew-by-chew analysis of humanity's quest to stretch its collective stomach to unthinkable extremes.

Once dubbed "The Butcher of Bozo" for getting TV's most famous clown kicked out of the International Clown Hall of Fame, Buck also finagled a seat next to Michael Jackson several years ago at a New York City temple (confirming that the late King of Pop loved bagels, but wasn't converting).


In September 2009, Buck joined Aol News as a senior correspondent specializing in offbeat pop culture.

Buck is a regular guest on several radio shows, and you'll also find him on the back pages of Us Weekly where he rips apart the likes of Kate Gosselin and Britney Spears as part of the magazine's famed Fashion Police.

Before joining ABC News, Buck served as Managing Editor at Court TV's Web site, where he spent two years covering the trials of O.J. Simpson.

For two season, Buck was a featured guest on TV Land's Myths & Legends. He's also appeared on Countdown With Keith Olbermann and National Public Radio's Weekend Edition


Buck graduated with Phi Beta Kappa honors from the State University of New York at Buffalo. As a founding editor of campus magazine Generation, his writing won a Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle Award for humor.

At Columbia University, Buck earned graduate degrees in both journalism and international affairs, and was honored with a Reader's Digest Traveling Fellowship.

In 2005, Buck was asked to participate in a Western Knight Center fellowship, "Covering Entertainment in the Digital Age" at the University of California, Berkeley.

Buck Wolf

"I've known a few giants, and many dwarfs. The dwarfs are always happier."

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