Bulfinch Mythology

Thomas Bulfinch's - The Age of Fable or Stories of Gods and Heroes

Unlike Nathaniel Hawthorne's retelling of Roman and Greek mythology for children, Thomas Bulfinch wrote for adults and the young. Much of Bulfinch's Mythology comes from his own translations of Ovid's Metamorphoses.

For more on Thomas Bulfinch, see the Bulfinch Profile and Bulfinch's Introduction.

Contents of Thomas Bulfinch's - The Age of Fable or Stories of Gods and Heroes

II.Prometheus and Pandora.
III.Apollo and Daphne | Pyramus and Thisbe | Cephalus and Procris.
IV.Juno and Her Rivals, Io and Callisto | Diana and Actaeon | Latona and The Rustics.
VI.Midas | Baucis and Philemon.
VII.Proserpine | Glaucus and Scylla.
VIII.Pygmalion | Dryope | Venus and Adonis | Apollo and Hyacinthus.
IX.Ceyx and Halcyone: or, The Halcyon Birds.
X.Vertumnus and Pomona.
XI.Cupid and Psyche.
XII.Cadmus | The Myrmidons.
XIII.Nisus and Scylla | Echo and Narcissus | Clytie | Hero and Leander.
XIV.Minerva | Niobe.
XV.The Graeae and Gorgons | Perseus | Medusa | Atlas | Andromeda
XVI.Monsters | Giants, Sphinx, Pegasus and Chimaera, Centaurs, Griffin, and Pygmies.
XVII.The Golden Fleece | Medea.
XVIII.Meleager and Atalanta
XIX.Hercules | Hebe and Ganymede
XX.Theseus and Daedalus | Castor and Pollux | Festivals and Games
XXI.Bacchus and Ariadne
XXII.The Rural Deities | The Dryads and Erisichthon | Rhoecus | Water Deities | Camenae | Winds
XXIII.Achelous and Hercules | Admetus and Alcestis | Antigone | Penelope
XXIV.Orpheus and Eurydice | Aristaeus | Amphion | Linus | Thamyris | Marsyas | Melampus | Musaeus
XXV.Arion | Ibycus | Simonides | Sappho
XXVI.Endymion | Orion | Aurora and Tithonus | Acis and Galatea
XXVII.The Trojan War
XXVIII.The Fall of Troy | Return of the Greeks | Orestes and Electra
XXIX.Adventures of Ulysses | The Lotus-eaters | The Cyclopes | Circe | Sirens | Scylla and Charybdis | Calypso
XXX.The Phaeacians | Fate of the Suitors.
XXXI.Adventures of Aeneas | The Harpies | Dido | Palinurus
XXXII.The Infernal Regions | The Sibyl
XXXIII.Camilla | Evander | Nisus and Euryalus | Mezentius | Turnus
XXXIV.Pythagoras | Egyptian Deities | Oracles
XXXV.Origin of Mythology | Statues of Gods and Goddesses | Poets of Mythology
XXXVI.Modern Monsters | The Phoenix | Basilisk | Unicorn | Salamander
XXXVII.Eastern Mythology | Zoroaster | Hindu Mythology | Castes | Buddha | Grand Lama
XXXVIII.Northern Mythology | Valhalla | The Valkyrior.
XXXIX.Thor's Visit to Jotunheim | The Giant's Country.
XL.The Death Of Baldur | The Elves | Runic Letters | Iceland | Teutonic Mythology | Nibelungen Lied.
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