Burial Places of the Presidents

John F. Kennedy Gravesite, Arlington Cemetery
Hisham Ibrahim / Getty Images

Forty-three men have served as President of the United States since George Washington first assumed the office in 1789. Of these, thirty-eight have passed away. Their burial sites are located across eighteen states along with one at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. The state with the most presidential graves is Virginia with seven, two of which are at Arlington National Cemetery.

New York has six presidential graves. Close behind this, Ohio is the location of five presidential burial sites. Tennessee was the location of three presidential burials. Massachusetts, New Jersey, and California each have two presidents buried in their borders. The states that each have only one burial site are: Kentucky, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Vermont, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and Michigan.

The president who died the youngest was John F. Kennedy. He was only 46 when he was assassinated during his first term in office. Two presidents lived to be 93: Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford. However, Ford was the longest-lived by 45 days.

Since the death of George Washington in 1799, Americans have marked the death of many of the US presidents with periods of national mourning and state funerals. This is especially the case when the presidents have died while in office.

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated, his flag-draped coffin traveled on a horse-drawn caisson from the White House to the US Capitol where hundreds of thousands of mourners came to pay their respect. Three days after being killed, a mass was said at St. Matthew's Cathedral and his body was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery in a state funeral attended by dignitaries from around the world.

Following is a list of each of the deceased US presidents in order of their presidencies along with the location of their grave sites:

Burial Places of the Presidents

George Washington 1732-1799Mount Vernon, Virginia
John Adams 1735-1826Quincy, Massachusetts
Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826Charlottesville, Virgnina
James Madison 1751-1836Mount Pelier Station, Virginia
James Monroe 1758-1831Richmond, Virginia
John Quincy Adams 1767-1848Quincy, Massachusetts
Andrew Jackson 1767-1845The Hermitage near Nashville, Tennessee
Martin Van Buren 1782-1862Kinderhook, New York
William Henry Harrison 1773-1841North Bend, Ohio
John Tyler 1790-1862Richmond, Virginia
James Knox Polk 1795-1849Nashville, Tennessee
Zachary Taylor 1784-1850Louisville, Kentucky
Millard Fillmore 1800-1874Buffalo, New York
Franklin Pierce 1804-1869Concord, New Hampshire
James Buchanan 1791-1868Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865Springfield, Illinois
Andrew Johnson 1808-1875Greenville, Tennessee
Ulysses Simpson Grant 1822-1885New York City, New York
Rutherford Birchard Hayes 1822-1893Fremont, Ohio
James Abram Garfield 1831-1881Cleveland, Ohio
Chester Alan Arthur 1830-1886Albany, New York
Stephen Grover Cleveland 1837-1908Princeton, New Jersey
Benjamin Harrison 1833-1901Indianapolis, Indiana
Stephen Grover Cleveland 1837-1908Princeton, New Jersey
William McKinley 1843-1901Canton, Ohio
Theodore Roosevelt 1858-1919Oyster Bay, New York
William Howard Taft 1857-1930Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia
Thomas Woodrow Wilson 1856-1924Washington National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.
Warren Gamaliel Harding 1865-1923Marion, Ohio
John Calvin Coolidge 1872-1933Plymouth, Vermont
Herbert Clark Hoover 1874-1964West Branch, Iowa
Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1882-1945Hyde Park, New York
Harry S Truman 1884-1972Independence, Missouri
Dwight David Eisenhower 1890-1969Abilene, Kansas
John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917-1963Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia
Lyndon Baines Johnson 1908-1973Stonewall, Texas
Richard Milhous Nixon 1913-1994Yorba Linda, California
Gerald Rudolph Ford 1913-2006Grand Rapids, Michigan
Ronald Wilson Reagan 1911-2004Simi Valley, California