Business English - Placing an Order

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Placing an Order On the Telephone

Jane Tegal: Hello, this is Jane Tegal from Excellerator Co. calling. May I speak to Mr. Mitchell?
Arthur Mitchell: Hello Ms Tegal, this is Arthur Mitchell.

Jane Tegal: Hello, I'd like to place an order for a number of your Millennium desk units.
Arthur Mitchell: Certainly. How many were you interested in ordering for purchase?

Jane Tegal: Quite a few. Do you have many available in the warehouse?

Arthur Mitchell: We keep a large supply in stock. There's also a showroom with quite a few on hand. It shouldn't be a problem.

Jane Tegal: Well then. I'd like 75 units by the end of the month. Could I get an estimate before place an order?
Arthur Mitchell: Certainly, I'll have it for you by the end of the day.

Jane Tegal: What does the estimate include?
Arthur Mitchell: Estimates include merchandise, packaging and shipping, duty if required, any taxes and insurance.

Jane Tegal: Do you ship door-to-door?
Arthur Mitchell: Certainly, all shipments are door-to-door. Delivery dates depend on your location, but we can usually deliver within 14 business days.

Jane Tegal: Thank you for your help.
Arthur Mitchell: My pleasure. You can expect an e-mail by 5 this afternoon.

Key Vocabulary

unit to place an order
to purchase
to be available
in stock
to be on hand
door-to-door shipping
to depend on something

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