Business English Quiz

Do you understand how to use English in business situations?

Speaking about Writing
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1. Use this type of English when speaking to a friend:
2. 'This is Ken' is used when:
3. 'Employment History' means:
4. Which phrase is correct?
6. Which form gives instructions?
7. Which signature is the most formal?
8. Which is good advice when writing a memorandum?
9. Which phase should a man making a presentation use?
10. Which phrase refers to a future meeting?
11. To Whom it May Concern:
12. Which phrase refers to problems with someone outside the office?
13. The personnel office deals with:
14. Which type of product is intangible?
15. Which document is intended to provide clients with information about an organization?
17. 'I would be grateful if you could ... ' means:
18. 'Please find attached' might be found in:
19. Which series is correct when making a presentation?
20. What should 'skills' include on your resume?
Business English Quiz
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You understand business well! Go out there and become the next big business mogul. Get out there and do business and succeed!

Business English Quiz
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You're learning how to do business in English. You'll need to study some more of the specifics of doing business in English. Follow the links below to get started. 

Business English Quiz
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 You've still got a lot to learn about doing business in English. Don't worry, with hard word you'll soon be doing business around the world in English.