ESL Practice Conversation: Tomorrow's Meeting

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Alice: We're having a meeting tomorrow. Can you make it?<>
Kevin: When is it taking place?

Alice: We're planning on 10 o'clock. Is that OK?
Kevin: Yes, that'll be fine.

Alice: We're going to go over last quarter's sales figures.
Kevin: Good. I have some input I'd like to make.

Alice: Frank is also going to make some suggestions on improving the bottom line.
Kevin: That'll be interesting. He's got keen insights.

Alice: Yes, he's going to outline some new sales strategies.
Kevin: Is Alan attending?

Alice: No, he's flying to San Francisco and won't be able to make it.
Kevin: Oh well, maybe He'll phone in.

Key Vocabulary

to make a meeting
to take place
sales figures
bottom line
to phone in

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