Business Letter Writing: Placing Orders

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The following letters place product orders.

Useful Key Phrases

  • Would you please send ...
  • According to your website / magazine / leaflet, ...
  • COD (cash on delivery)
  • NOTE: The initials at the bottom of the letter indicate who the letter is from followed by who typed the letter - for example: from Ken Beare typed by Ron Easton = KB/re

Example Letters

May 23, 1999

Mr. Jack Brown,
Used Books Online
Seattle, WA 98795

Dear Mr. Brown:

Would you please send me the following used books via COD? According to your Web site, orders need to include the title, author, and publisher.

Title: "Driving Home"
Author: Peter Lawford
Publisher: Jackson and Co.

Title: "Landscaping for Fun"
Author: Janet Patterson
Publisher: Nature Ltd.

Title: "Christmas Myth"
Author: Margaret Smith
Publisher: Smoothers

Thank you very much,

(signature here)

Fred Finkleham,
Professor, OUS


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