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What Is a General Manager?

General managers organize workers, other managers, projects, customers, and the direction of an organization. Every type of business needs managers. Without a manager, there wouldn't be anyone to oversee operations, supervise employees, or perform the essential tasks that managers take care of on a daily bases. 

Why Major in General Management?

There are plenty of good reasons to major in general management. It is an old field, which means that curriculum has had an opportunity to evolve over the years. There are now lots of good schools that offer excellent preparation in the management field - so it shouldn't be a struggle to find a respected program that can give you the kind of education you need to pursue a career and secure a position in your field after graduation. 

Business majors who want to have a variety of career opportunities available to them upon graduation almost can't go wrong with a specialization in general management.As stated earlier - nearly every business needs management personnel. A general degree in management may also be attractive to business majors who are unsure of what specialization they wish to pursue. Management is a broad discipline that can transfer to a lot of different types of careers and business areas, including accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, and more. 

General Management Coursework

Business majors who specialize in general management usually take courses that will help them develop a foundation of business skills that can be applied in almost any organization. Specific courses may cover topics like accounting, marketing, economics, business law, and personnel management.

Educational Requirements

Educational requirements for business majors who want to work as a general manager vary depending on the type of organization and industry the student is interested in working in upon graduation. To get an idea of what may be expected from you in different degree programs, and what kind of job and salary you are likely to obtain after earning a degree, follow these links:

General Management Programs for Business Majors

There are literally thousands of colleges, universities, and vocational schools offering programs in general management. Finding a program should be very easy. Finding a good program, however, can be difficult. Before choosing to enroll in any general management program, it pays for business majors to do as much research as possible.

Working in General Management

After graduating from a general management program, business majors should have no problems securing employment in a private or public organization. Positions are available in a variety of industries. Potential for career and salary advancement is also prevalent in this occupation.

Additional Career Information

To learn more about working as a general manager, see the job profile for General Business Managers​jnY>¿

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