Business Majors: Information Systems Management

Education Requirements, Coursework and Careers

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What Is Information Systems Management?

Information systems management is a technology heavy business specialization that focuses on the management of both computer systems and people. This concentration is ideal for students who want to lead an IT team. The term information systems management is sometimes used interchangeably with management information systems (MIS).

Educational Requirements for Information Systems Managers 

Business majors interested in working in information systems management should have nothing less than an associate's degree. Most information systems managers have a bachelor's degree, but master's degrees, particularly MBA degrees, are also common in this field. 

  • Associate Programs: Associate programs in information systems management can be found at community colleges. These degrees usually take two years to complete and consist mainly of core education courses and a few MIS electives. 
  • Bachelor's Programs: Bachelor's programs in information systems management can be found at colleges, university, and business schools. These programs typically take three to four years of full-time study to complete.
  • Master's Programs​: Master's programs in management information systems are available at many colleges, universities, and business schools. These programs usually take one to two years to complete. 

    Information Systems Management Coursework

    Business majors who are enrolled in an information systems management program will most likely take courses in computer programming, systems analysis, and hardware/software applications, as well as general courses in business administration, management, business law and ethics.

    The extent and difficulty level of the courses will vary depending on the school and the type of degree being sought. For example, students in an undergraduate program will take a lot of core education courses (math, English, etc.) in addition to courses focused on information systems management. Students in a graduate-level program will not take general education courses, but will focus more on general business and advanced information management systems courses.  

    Information Systems Management Programs for Business Majors

    Finding a business school that offers an information systems management program should be no problem for most business majors. This fast growing field is in need of qualified graduates, and schools have worked hard to develop and maintain quality programs that focus on various areas of technology management. To choose the right school, you should compare curriculum offerings, internship opportunities, networking opportunities, and tuition costs. 

    Working in Information Systems Management

    Business majors with an information systems management degree often have job titles like IT director, IT manager, IT security manager, chief technology officer, or chief information officer.

    Job duties can vary by title, but typically include determining short term and long term IT and computer needs for various organizations, maintaining equipment and security, and directing and managing other IT professionals.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs in this field will grow much faster than average occupations in the coming years. To learn more about working as an information systems manager, visit the The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS) website.

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