Business Majors: Marketing Concentration

Marketing Information for Business Majors

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Marketing is the art of promoting products or services in a way that appeals to consumers. Marketing professionals are the backbone of a successful business organization that wants to be successful in their industry. Business students who major in marketing can graduate with knowledge that is in demand in the business field. 

Marketing Coursework

Business majors who specialize in marketing usually take courses that focus on advertising, merchandising, promotion, statistical analysis, and mathematics. They learn how to successfully develop a marketing plan best promote new and existing products and services to consumers. Marketing majors also study market research, which is the research and analysis of the target market (who you are selling to), competition (who is selling a similar product or service), and the effectiveness of particular marketing strategies. 

Education Requirements for Marketing Professionals

Educational requirements for business majors who want to work in the field of marketing vary depending on the type of organization and industry the student is interested in working in upon graduation. For example, a Fortune 500 company may have more stringent requirements for marketing professionals than a small business. Certain jobs, such as marketing manager, may also require more education that entry-level jobs, such as marketing assistant. 

Types of Marketing Degrees

As mentioned earlier, marketing degrees are available at nearly every level of education. Specific types of marketing degrees include:

  • Associate Degrees - An associate degree in marketing usually takes about two years to earn. This degree is best suited for individuals who want to qualify for entry-level marketing jobs but don't want to commit to a four-year bachelor's degree program. 
  • Bachelor's Degrees - A bachelor degree is typically a four-year degree (though there are accelerated three-year programs available). This degree is also suited for marketing majors who want to pursue entry-level positions within the marketing field. In some cases, a bachelor's degree may be suitable for more advanced positions like marketing manager. 
  • Master's Degrees - A master's degree is a graduate-level degree program for individuals who have already earned a bachelor's degree and want to gain more knowledge in their current field or a related field. If you didn't major in marketing in your undergraduate program, you may still be able to major in marketing in a master's program - different schools have different requirements. Most master's degrees take two years to complete. This degree is best suited for individuals who are seeking advanced managerial, research, and analysts positions in the marketing field. 
  • Doctoral Degrees - A doctorate is the most advanced marketing degree that can be earned. Most marketing professionals will not go this far in their education. Doctorate programs can be more difficult to get into, particularly at good schools. Program length can vary, but you should plan on several years of study if you decide to pursue this graduate level degree. After earning a doctoral degree, you will be prepared for the most advanced positions in the marketing field, including positions in postsecondary teaching. 

Many schools also allow students to specialize in a particular type of marketing. For example, some degree programs focus on things like international marketing or digital marketing.

How to Find a Marketing Program

Marketing is a very popular option for business majors, which means that finding a marketing program shouldn't be too difficult. Most colleges and universities offer some type of marketing program for undergraduate students. Graduate schools, including business schools, also have marketing programs for business majors who are earning a master's or doctorate degree. There are also schools that go beyond degree programs and offer marketing certificate programs and individual marketing courses for business majors.

Jobs for Marketing Majors

The type of job that can be obtained after graduation from a marketing program will depend upon the degree that was obtained. Some of the most common job titles in the marketing field include marketing assistant, marketing manager, and marketing research analyst.