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Non-Profit Managment Information for Business Majors

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Business majors who work in non-profit management find that it can be both a lucrative and emotionally rewarding career experience. Non-profit managers are responsible for administering non-profit organizations and increasing profits—not for investors and shareholders, but for the individuals to whom the organization is dedicated to helping.

Non-Profit Management Coursework
Business majors who specialize in non-profit management usually take courses that are similar to those in a traditional management program.

Aspiring non-profit managers need to develop solid leadership skills and learn the art of accounting, marketing, and business administration.

Educational Requirements
Professional business training is becoming more and more important in the non-profit management field. The exact educational requirements for business majors who want to work as a non-profit manager vary depending on the organization the student intends to work for and the job title they wish to obtain. In some cases, an associate's degree will suffice; in other cases, the business major would be further off obtaining a bachelor's degree or even a master's degree.

To get an idea of what may be expected of you in these different degree programs and to learn what the job outlook is for each education level, follow these links:

Non-Profit Management Programs for Business Majors
Business majors who choose this specialization will get the best education from schools that offer a program devoted to non-profit management.
Fortunately, there are a large number of schools offering such programs. Many of these programs are at the MBA level, but there are a growing number of schools that grant associate and bachelor degrees.

Working in Non-Profit Management
There are many different job opportunities for business majors wishing to work in non-profit management.
Some of the sectors that frequently seek new grads include government, health care, community development, and education. Job titles include executive director, marketing director, and program director.

Additional Career Information
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