'Butch Harmon About Golf' 2-Disc Instructional DVD Review

Butch Harmon, the famous golf instructor behindt he eponymous 'About Golf' instructional DVD
Golf instructor Buch Harmon. Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Butch Harmon is probably the most-famous golf instructor of all-time, and in 2012 he decided to share a little of his knowledge with "regular" golfers through the Butch Harmon About Golf instructional DVD set. That set still sells well today; you can find it, among other places, on Amazon.com:

Here is our review of this instructional DVD, which was originally published on June 6, 2012:

Pros and Cons of 'Butch Harmon About Golf'


  • Concise tips from world-class teacher
  • Covers every aspect of instruction, common faults and fixes
  • Good close-up shots of important concepts
  • Chapter index for easy access to different lessons


  • No ground-breaking innovation in presentation
  • Repetitious style

Bottom Line: Butch Harmon is one of the top instructors, but issues of style and production in Butch Harmon About Golf hold back a DVD set that could have been better.

Review: 'Butch Harmon About Golf' DVD

There are any number of golf instructors who are qualified to create an instructional DVD on the game, and there are countless bookshelves lined with such DVDs. However, only a few of those teachers really stand out. One of those is Butch Harmon, and his latest instructional offering is Butch Harmon About Golf (MSRP at time of introduction: $79.95), a 2-disc DVD set.

Butch has taught many of the world's most famous golfers including Fred Couples, Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson and Natalie Gulbis, but Harmon gained his biggest visibility from his years as instructor to Tiger Woods. (And did you know that Butch's father, Claude Harmon Sr., won the 1948 Masters?)

While the instructor is impressive, this DVD set as a whole falls a little short. Complete in its view of almost everything having to do with the golf swing, including the right and wrong way to execute certain swings, the DVD has a feeling of brief clips intended for TV sponsorship.

There are a couple of camera angles on a lesson tee and Butch wears the same blue shirt for the duration of the program, adding to the feeling that we have seen this before. While the program isn't intended to be watched in a single, 4-hour sitting, it almost begs my attention to be cut short so I can run out and practice what Butch has just shown me.

Production Issues

The presentation is didactic with phrases such as "what we see in amateurs is ...", as if he's addressing other pros; and "this is completely wrong ...". While Butch is at his best as a teacher, a little goes a long way. There is a section where he kibitzes with former pupils Greg Norman, Couples and even Tiger, but it seems forced and maybe should have come at the end of the compilation.

There is a section in which Harmon shills for each of his sponsor's products under the guise of club fitting and the importance of grip size - something I could have done without. Harmon drops in beautiful slo-mo video of Adam Scott and Nick Watney swings, but they might have been used in a better way with some real interaction between star teacher and star pupils.

There are production continuity issues as well, such as cars driving by in the background, people walking into the shot on the golf course and even flocks of birds in the background. It sometimes feels as if a producer gave someone two days to get a video brain dump from Butch on everything he knows about the game.

And Harmon tries to sneak in an anecdote or two from his storied life as part of a famous golfing family, but without supporting visuals, they fall flat.

Putting Tips Shine

The best section I found was on putting. Harmon's tips there are rock solid and it's a plus that there is so much emphasis on this segment.

Despite some of the flaws, Butch didn't get to be where he is by not being a good instructor. If you need to get solid instruction fundamentals in bite-sized tip format, this DVD set is still worthwhile. It just could have been better.

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