Butt Pads Can Help Protect Figure Skaters

Protective Gear for Figure Skaters

An Ice Skater Falls Down
An Ice Skater Falls Down. (Ascent Xmedi/The Image Bank Collecdtion/Getty Images)

Butt pads are worn by figure skaters to help prevent bruises and other injuries especially when skaters fall over and over again when they work on new and difficult jumps.  Skaters usually wear butt pads over the tailbone and at the hips.  

Also Known As

Crash pads


Different types of butt pads have been worn by figure skaters. Sometimes all a skater does is cut a piece of thick foam into a shape that will cover an area of the body that needs to be covered and places that piece of foam inside skating pants or tights.

 In recent years, butt pads have been created for figure skaters out of materials that are not as bulky as a simple cut-to-fit foam pad such as gel and other absorbent cloth materials such as Sorbothane.

Skaters should be able to insert butt pads quickly under figure skating pants or a skating skirt as they learn and master skating jumps.  Skating Designs, a figure skating clothing company, makes figure skating pants with an attached skirt that hides butt pads, so a skater feels beautiful on the ice during practice sessions.  Custom designed figure skating shorts that include butt pads, modeled after compression type shorts and roller derby or roller hockey protective shorts, are also becoming popular among some figure skaters.

Favorite Brands of Butt Pads for Figure Skaters