Buying a New Cigar Humidor Made Easy

Lots of Choices, But Which Is the Right One?

After becoming an official Contributing Writer for Cigars.About.Com I realized that my 50 count humidor was no longer going to be big enough to store all the cigars I was going to start accumulating to write reviews about.  There are so many manufacturers, distributors, sizes and types to choose from that it is not an easy task to find the right one for your needs.  I started my search right here on this website, reading articles written by Gary Manelski, Cigar Guide.


The first thing I did was to search the Cigars.About.Com home page for articles on humidors, and discovered that Gary had written ten great pieces covering topics such as “What is a Cigar Humidor”, “Seasoning a New Humidor” and “How to Calibrate a Hygrometer”.  All of the articles were helpful, but I still had to find one that would suit my needs.  I wanted a humidor that would hold up to 300 cigars, one that I could put an electronic humidification device in, an attractive piece that my wife won’t mind looking at (after all it will be in either the living room or dining room and it needs to blend in with the décor) and at a reasonable price.

Where Do You Look?

The best place to find links to humidor manufacturers and distributors was right in the “Sponsored Links” portion of our cigar website.  You can usually find these links just under each article, and also on the home page in the lower left corner.

  I also used the search engine on The links are great because they take you right to the various humidor websites.  Between the sponsored links and searching for humidors on PriceGrabber, you can easily shop prices.  Many of the humidor suppliers have similar products, and once you have decided on exactly what you want, the decision can be purely based on value and function.

My Decision

I finally decided to go with a humidor from Tampa Humidors.  On their website, they list the humidors in categories of Desk Top, Glass Top, Travel and Cabinet types.  I chose them for a lot of reasons, such as a 30-day money back guarantee, 1 to 2-day shipping, and the best prices for the type of humidor I was looking for. Many of the humidors sold by Tampa Humidors are designed by Mike Howe, one of the owners. Mine was one of those he designed. Their humidors are manufactured outside the U.S., however, Mike and his wife Theresa maintain strict quality control personally and guarantee all of their products.

The one I decided on was their Solerno (and my wife also thought it was the nicest looking one I was considering).  In addition to this, I purchased an Oasis XL Electronic Humidifier [Compare Prices].  Usually, this is not an accessory that many people get, but I live in New Mexico where the humidity rarely is above 20%, and in the Summer it is down into single digits.  My old humidor with a passive system struggles to keep my cigars at 58%, which is the highest it ever gets them to, and that is just too dry to maintain good smoking quality.  You can read about this in another of Gary’s articles on storing cigars.

My humidor arrived within 3 days of ordering it, in perfect condition.  I seasoned it according to Gary’s advice and followed instructions on the set up of the Oasis XL and information on calibrating my hygrometer from Gary and Theresa Howe at Tampa Humidors.  You will see from the photos that after proper seasoning, the digital hygrometer on the Oasis XL inside humidor perfectly matches the analog hygrometer mounted on the front.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Check out the photos of my new humidor and decide for yourself.  Now I cannot wait to fill it up.

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