The Buzza Company

George Buzza founded his company in Minneapolis in 1907. The early products included college advertising posters, greeting cards, books and later framed mottos.

Buzza was considered to be a pioneer in his use of color and the variety of papers used in the greeting cards.

$75,000 to $2,500,000

In 1917 the company turned a corner with sales of $75,000, which greatly increased to $2,500,000 in 1927. The following year the company merged with the Charles S.

Clark Company and in 1928 George Buzza retired!

Gift Mottos

The Buzza Company is one of the best-known producers of the framed lithographs or gift mottos. Buzza knew that sentiment sold and no sentiments were spared with syrupy verses and pretty pictures for mothers and sweethearts. Other motifs include patriotic and religion writings and illustrations.
Today these framed mottos can be usually found in the $20. - $40. range, with other excellent examples going for as much as $125.
Buzza Mother's Day Mottos

Closed in 1942

The company's stockholders liquidated the company in 1942.

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