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Calamity Jane

Picture of Calamity Jane, 1895
Picture of Calamity Jane, 1895. Courtesy Library of Congress

Images of Calamity Jane, Figure of the American "Wild West"

Calamity Jane (Martha Jane Cannary) was an iconic figure of the American "Wild West."

A photo of Calamity Jane, 19th century Wild West figure.

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Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane
Calamity Jane. © 2009 Jupiterimages, used with permission

A picture of Calamity Jane, famous figure in the American West.

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Deadwood, South Dakota

Deadwood, South Dakota, 1888
Deadwood, South Dakota, 1888. Courtesy Library of Congress

Deadwood, where Calamity Jane lived in the 1870s and some later periods.

She retired to Deadwood and died there, and is buried there next to Wild Bill Hickok, with shom she claimed a relationship.

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Calamity Peak, South Dakota

Calamity Peak, South Dakota, near Custer, named for Calamity Jane
Named for Calamity Jane Calamity Peak, South Dakota, near Custer, named for Calamity Jane. Picture from 1890. Courtesy Library of Congress

This land form near Custer is named for Calamity Jane.

Calamity Jane once rode for the Pony Express on a route not far from this site.