Your 2017 Calendar of Weather Holidays, Seasons, and Safety Days

Plan ahead with these seasonal and peak severe weather dates

Groundhog Day. The Spring Equinox. Earth Day. We observe these "weather holidays" and seasons every year, but they aren't the only ones.

As seen in this list, a myriad of other weather-inspired national days, safety, and awareness days are also observed in the United States and across the globe. Be sure to mark them on your 2017 calendars: 


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No significant weather dates occur in January.


Will the groundhog predict 6 more weeks of winter?. Brian E. Kushner/Moment Open/Getty Images

2/2 Groundhog Day

2/5 National Weatherperson's Day
An appreciation day for weather scientists; celebrated on the birthday of John Jeffries, the first known U.S. volunteer weather observer

2/10 National Umbrella Day
Honors the umbrella (invented in 1852) and its inventor, British industrialist Samuel Fox


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3/1 Meteorological Spring begins (Northern Hemisphere)

3/12 2017 Daylight Saving Time begins
Set your clocks ahead by 1 hour

3/20 Spring Equinox 2017 (Northern hemisphere)
3/20 Autumn Equinox 2017 (Southern Hemisphere)


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4/1 North Indian Ocean Cyclone Season begins

4/12 National Big Wind Day
Commemorates the day on which the highest wind speed ever recorded on the planet occurred (231 mph at Mount Washington, NH in 1934)

4/14 National Look Up at the Sky Day
A day to especially admire the sky and its ever-changing beauty.

4/22 Earth Day
Honors our planet and our commitment to its environmental protection; observed worldwide since 1970

4/30 Australian/Southwest Pacific Cyclone Season ends

4/30 National PrepareAthon Day
A day campaign with a focus on emergency preparedness and resilience planning; launched in 2014


A satellite image of Hurricane Irene on Saturday, August 27, 2011. NOAA

5/15 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season begins

TBD National Hurricane Preparedness Week 
A week-long event aimed at informing the public of hurricane hazards and safety, and promoting readiness

5/31 Southwest Indian Cyclone Season ends

5/31 Australian/Southeast Indian Cyclone Season ends


heat wave sun horizon
Heat is the #1 weather killer in the U.S. Steve Krongard/The Image Bank/Getty Images

6/1 Meteorological Summer begins (Northern Hemisphere)

6/1 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins

6/5 World Environment Day
A day to raise global awareness to protect nature and our planet; observed since 1974

6/8 World Oceans Day
Honors the world's oceans, water, and marine life; observed since 1992

6/21 Summer Solstice 2017 (Northern Hemisphere)
6/21 Winter Solstice 2017 (Southern Hemisphere)


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No significant weather dates occur in July, but it is a peak month for lighting and thunderstorm activity.



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No significant weather dates occur in August.



fall color elevation
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9/1 Meteorological Fall begins (Northern Hemisphere)

9/22 Fall Equinox 2017 (Northern Hemisphere)
9/22 Spring Equinox 2017 (Southern Hemisphere) 

September is also the month during which hurricane activity peaks.


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10/15 Southwest Indian Cyclone Season begins

10/15 Australian/Southeast Indian Cyclone Season begins



Falling Oak Leaves
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11/1 Australian/Southwest Pacific Cyclone Season begins

11/5 2017 Daylight Saving Time ends
Turn your clocks back by 1 hour

11/30 Atlantic Hurricane Season ends

11/30 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season ends

Many cities also have their first snowfalls of the season in November.


Perfect Christmas
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12/1 Meteorological Winter begins (Northern Hemisphere)

TBD National Skywarn Recognition Day 2017
Recognizes the vital public service role of storm spotters and amateur radio operators; observed since 1999

12/21 Winter Solstice 2017 (Northern Hemisphere)
12/21 Summer Solstice 2017 (Southern Hemisphere)

12/25 Christmas Day
Will it be a white Christmas?

12/31 North Indian Cyclone Season ends

Farewell to National Weather Awareness Weeks

As of February 2015, the National Weather Service has phased out its "weather awareness week" events (with the exception of Hurricane Preparedness Week) in favor of seasonal campaigns for spring, summer, and fall. A number of local NWS offices will still participate at the state-level. To learn if yours does, see the NWS weather awareness events calendar (click the underlined text above).
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