Calendar Templates for Family or Hobby Use

Print Special Purpose Calendars for Parents, Kids, and Crafters

These free calendar templates are designed with families in mind or for special use in arts and crafts and other hobbies. Download a PDF or print calendars from your browser. Some are plain and others include artwork or color. Print and use them as-is or incorporate these calendars into other desktop publishing projects such as scrapbooks or newsletters.

Ignore the years listed in some titles. Most links update automatically to the current year when calendars are available.
Print this PDF on sticker paper to create your own stickers for your calendar to designate special days or appointments. More »
This PDF file contains a blank month grid on one page and a bunch of colorful holiday and school images to print onto stickers for the monthly planner. Help plan family activities around school days and holidays. More »
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HP Birthday Countdown Calendar
HP Birthday Countdown Calendar. HP Birthday Countdown Calendar
Follow the steps to create a special calendar counting the days to someone's big day. Create the calendar online then download for printing on your own printer. More » Family Tree Calendar

Choose a year and drag photos onto the family tree then print your calendar. More »

Free Print-at-Home calendar designs plus add your own photo options in dozens of styles. Kid-friendly themes, nature themes, holidays, and more. Choose this year, next year, or several years into the future. More »

Check the "Free" filter if you want only free options. There are dozens of monthly, yearly, and special purpose calendar templates for families (and other uses). You can add your own photos to some or just stick with the basic design. You can print this year, next year, or several years into the future. More » Scrapbook Calendars Scrapbook Calendars. Scrapbook Calendars

Available as PDF or PNG images, as of August 2010 there are templates for 2009-2010. You could modify the templates in a graphics program for 2011 and beyond or check back to see if new years have been added. Lots of fun scrapbook page layouts with photo placeholders. More »

Chart Jungle
Chart Jungle. Chart Jungle

This Chart Jungle printable weekly calendar is in list form. See more free printable calendars and lists from Chart Jungle. More »

Chart Jungle
Chart Jungle. Chart Jungle
Print this blank template from Chart Jungle and fill in the days to be sure you have time to spend with family and friends. Includes a note section at the bottom. More »
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