Meaning and History of the Surname Callaghan

One of the possible meanings for the Callaghan surname is "bright-headed."
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The Callaghan surname is derived from the Gaelic name Ó Ceallagcháin, meaning "descendant of Ceallanchán." The "O" prefix indicates "descendant of," while Ceallagcháin is a diminutive of Ceallach, a given name of uncertain origin. The most widely accepted meaning is

  • "bright-headed," from the Gaelic cen, meaning "head" and lach, meaning "light"

Other possibilities include:

  • "lover of churches," from ceall, meaning "church"
  • from the Old Irish ceallach, meaning "contention, strife"
  • From ciallach, meaning "prudent, judicious"

Surname Origin: Irish


Famous People with the Surname CALLAGHAN

  • Fr Richard Callaghan - 18th century Irish Jesuit educationalist
  • Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan - Irish doctor and journalist
  • John Cornelius O'Callaghan - Irish historian and writer
  • Sir Francis O'Callaghan - Irish civil engineer
  • James Callaghan - UK Prime Minister, 1976–79
  • Dr. Patrick "Pat" O'Callaghan - considered one of Ireland's greatest athletes; Olympic gold medalist

Where is the CALLAGHAN Surname Most Commonly Found?

Forebears identifies the Callaghan surname as being most common in Ireland, where it ranks 112th in the nation. It is also fairly common in Northern Ireland (ranked 433rd), Scotland (541st), Australia (593rd), Wales (653rd), New Zealand (657th) and England (658th). Within Ireland, Callaghan is the most common in Cork. The O'Callaghan variant ranks just behind Callaghan in Ireland, coming in as number 113.

WorldNames PublicProfiler identifies the Callaghan surname as more common in Donegal and the other northern Irish counties.

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