Callaway FT OptiForce Driver Review

Callaway FT Optiforce Driver
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The Callaway FT OptiForce is a lightweight, aerodynamically designed driver with loft and lie adjustability. In fact, this was the first driver from Callaway Golf that was adjustable for both loft and lie. The FT OptiForce driver was introduced to market in mid-2013.

Pros of the Callaway FT OptiForce Driver 

  • Lightweight
  • Classic look at ​address, conceals mass well
  • Adjustable without needing a science degree

Cons of the Callaway FT OptiForce Driver

  • Premium pricing
  • Lighter weight may not fit those with quicker tempo

Key Features and Performance of the Callaway FT OptiForce Driver

Callaway, which had a hit earlier in the 2013 golf season with the X Hot line of woods, now ups the ante with its FT OptiForce drivers. Drivers are offered in both 440cc and 460cc models, and the takeaway is that Callaway has another winner.

A couple key points about these drivers:

  • Both head sizes are adjustable 1 degree of loft down or 1 or 2 degrees of loft up.
  • Lie is adjustable through draw bias and neutral settings on the Advanced OptiFit Hosel.
  • The MSRP at time of release was $399.

Based on the concept of long and light, the FT OptiForce driver offers adjustability and simplicity. There are no weights to move around, just an improved, double-sprocket hosel that adjusts for loft and lie. Loft can be adjusted down one degree and up two degrees, which is handy for adjusting to game-day conditions, such as when it's windy or wet.

It's a very simple choice between the 440cc and 460cc models. The 440 has a 9.5 degree stated loft and produces a more piercing ballflight. The 460 is 10.5 degrees of loft and launches higher. What's more difficult is realizing that the FT OptiForce driver is a really great driver no matter your handicap.

I tested the 460cc model (in mid-2013) with a regular-flex shaft. It took only about a half-dozen balls at the range before I was dialed into high, drawing bombs off the tee. I put the loft up a degree and closed the face. Simple? You bet. Yet, the face does not look closed, it presents itself as very close to neutral. The OptiForce has a pleasing, pro look and equally pleasing, solid sound. It's a muted sound, but the feel is hot, not "dead."

The stock shaft in the 440cc is the Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana S+ at 64 grams; stock in the OptiForce 460cc is the Project X PXv, weighing in at only 43 grams.

Callaway has done a superb job producing a well-balanced club that produces more speed, and more speed means more distance.

Mis-hits lost little distance and direction with the 460cc model. The 440cc is slightly less forgiving. I also did not have any trouble navigating a 46-inch long club.

The biggest question for potential purchasers is comparing it to the X-Hot line of woods. For me, the FT OptiForce driver is smoother and longer. Hard to argue with those attributes - or with the grab-and-go nature of the OptiForce's adjustability.