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Camille Chevalier-Karfis

Camille is a teacher, recording talent and author of many French audiobooks and audio lessons on modern spoken French. She is a French native but also an American citizen.


Although born and raised in Paris, Camille Chevalier-Karfis lived in Boston, MA for 16 years and has been teaching French for 20+ years (both in person and around the world via Skype).

Camille moved back to Brittany, France, in late 2008 to be closer to family and to practice a balanced lifestyle. Camille and her husband Olivier created French Today, offering original audio novels and audio lessons based on the adult student needs and interests, and written and recorded using the modern French language.

Prior to becoming the French Language Expert, Camille was already involved with as a moderator on the French forums, and contributed many original articles with audio to since 2008.

Camille Chevalier-Karfis

There are really two French languages:

  1. Written French (that I often refer to as “book French”) which is typically the language taught in schools
  2. “Street French”, the French used every day by all French people, no matter their age or social belonging.

French students are usually not prepared to hear and understand “street French”, and it’s a pity because that is what they’ll find when interacting with any native speaker.

For the past 15 years, I have been striving to develop audio materials to teach students the modern French language – including, of course, the grammatical basis and fundamentals of the language, but with a strong focus on communicating first, and understanding the French commonly used today.

I am not an academic linguist but I’ve been told I am a very good teacher, and I truly hope I bring a new, modern approach to teaching students French as it is used today.

I've created many audiobooks on that subject in particular, my bilingual French audiobooks (including the French beginner method "À Moi Paris Level 1 & 2 and the French Intermediate method À Moi Paris Level 3 & 4 and many French verb conjugation and pronunciation drills.

As a French native speaker, I understand how hard it is to speak / write in another language. Unfortunately, my English is not perfect, and there can be typos / mistakes in my articles - hopefully, you will still be able to understand what I mean! If you'd like to make a suggestion / correct something, I would be very grateful and I can be reached through this contact form on French Today, or on any of the social media below. Thank you in advance for your help.

I am pretty active on social media, and post exclusive mini-lessons on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram almost everyday, so join me there!

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