How Can I Ski All Year Round?

Summer Skiing on Alps glaciers. Chad Riley/Getty Images

Question: How Can I Ski All Year Round?

Summer skiing is available in a variety of formats - skiing in the southern hemisphere, glacier skiing in the US and Europe, grass skiing, and indoor skiing in snow domes.

Answer: If you're one of the skiers who just can't get enough of the slopes and need a "skiing fix" between the winter seasons, don’t fret. While skiing all year round can be difficult and sometimes costly, it isn't impossible.

Here's information on summer skiing and how to ski all year round.


Summer Skiing in the Southern Hemisphere

If you’d rather take a ski trip than a trip to the beach during the summer, than taking a trip to a ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere may be a great choice for you. Ski resorts in Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, or Australia offer great skiing from June to September or October.

International Summer Skiing


Glacier Skiing
While warmer temperatures are limiting year round glacial skiing, some glaciers still run during summer months.


Grass Skiing
While grass skiing is sometimes considered a developing sport because it’s not very wide spread, grass skiing is certainly an innovative way to extend your ski season.

Heli-skiing takes skiers via helicopters to ungroomed, backcountry terrain.

Heli-Skiing Summer Trips


Indoor Skiing

Snow domes, or indoor ski resorts that provide a skiing environment, often offer year-round skiing.

For example, Ski Dubai is located in the Mall of Emirates, has 5 runs, including a black run and beginner slopes, a Freestyle Zone and a Snow Park.

Here's more information on indoor skiing and snow domes.