Can I Take the SAT Even If I Missed The Registration Deadline?

Taking the SAT Test
Getty Images | David Schaffer

Even if you missed your SAT registration deadline, you may still be able to take the SAT on your preferred date. How? SAT Waitlist Testing. You can register to get on the SAT waitlist up to five days before testing day, which means you may be able to take the test on the test day that you wanted in the first place. Read the details below.

How to Register for SAT Waitlist Testing

  • Login to your College Board account and register for your test date. All the normal registration procedures apply, including the need to upload an acceptable photo.
  • You will pay an additional fee for registering as a waitlist tester.
  • Print your waitlist ticket. You'll need to bring this and acceptable ID with you to the testing center.
  • Show up at the testing center very early. As in no later than 7:45 a.m. If they have a spot for you, you're in!

You Cannot Use SAT Waitlist Testing If…

  • You are over the age of 21.
  • You're taking a Language Test with Listening, which is part of the SAT Subject Tests and not part of the regular SAT.
  • You are attempting to test with accommodations such as specialized test formats or equipment that needs to be arranged in advance.
  • You're testing in a country with security concerns.