Can You Smudge Too Often?

Personal and Seasonal Smudging

Woman with burning incense
Woman Smudging Her Home. Bec Parsons / Getty Images

Smudging with sage is an excellent way to clean your aura and also cleanse your living space. It is helpful to periodically smudge yourself and your home to assure the energies around you are not murky or stagnant. But, you might ask, is it possible to smudge too much or too often?

I recommend smudging yourself anytime you feel "energetically" dirty or are experiencing illness, exhaustion, or sluggishness. Weekly smudging seems a bit much, but it won't hurt to do it that often, judge for yourself.

Seasonal Smudging

Freeing your home of stagnant energies can be done anytime, but doing a thorough smudging of your home four times a year when the seasons change is a good rule of thumb.

Also, you may wish to smudge your living space anytime it has been compromised with negativity or foreign energies introduced into the environment. This can happen anytime someone enters your living space. Visitors who spend time inside your home can leave lingering energies behind that need to be cleared. 

Be sure to smudge after the plumber or other repair person has come and gone from the premises. You will want to smudge your house or apartment the day after you hosted a party to clear it of possible lingering "ickies" such as Aunt Florence's over-powering cologne, your sister's boyfriend's anxiety-ridden energies, or a co-worker's negative take on life in general.

An Argument Against Smudging

Alice Violet, sound healer and space clearing expert, is against ritual smudging when dealing with earthbound spirits. It is her opinion that smudging does not help a confused soul who needs help transitioning into the light. In fact, she's not an advocate of smudging except for minor energy shifts.

I am ALMOST inclined to agree with Alice. Sage burning may not be the best course of action for helping a soul make its transition, but it could be a good tool for ghost busting. Not everyone knows how to assist a lost soul, but everyone needs to learn how to create appropriate boundaries in their living space. Smudging is an action intended to clear your space. It is a tool to help YOU.Smudging can be beneficial in a variety of ways - my readers say so!

Smudging an area just may help get the message to an uninvited spirit that he isn't welcome to hang around in your living quarters. It may seem uncaring or unfriendly choosing not to assist the soul to transition, but hey, ask yourself if doing so is truly your responsibility. Naturally, there are people, like Alice, who have taken on the role of helping lost souls transition. This is a vocation or life purpose that is admirable. I don't want to dismiss this area of expertise at all. But, still, if a little smudge could give you the peace and quiet you want I think it is worth a try before you call in the big guns.

Ghosts aside, think about it this way. If a stranger walked off the streets uninvited into your house, would you call a psychologist to come over and sit on your couch with him and talk out his problems? OR, would you call 911 and anxiously await for the police to show up and escort him off your property?