Canadian Embassy and Consulates in the United States

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Residents of the United States with valid passports don't need a visa to enter or travel through Canada. Likewise, most Canadian citizens don't require a visa to enter the United States, whether they are coming from Canada or another country.

Some situations do require visas, though, such as governmental or other officials who are relocating. Having the contact information of the nearest embassy or consulate handy is helpful when it comes time to renew or review these documents​ or consult officials on matters regarding Canada.

The embassy and consulates are spread throughout the country, and each covers a designated section of the United States. Each office can provide travel assistance and emergency services, as well as notarial services to Canadian citizens. Only the New York and Los Angeles offices offer visas.

Consular services such as courier delivery of voting ballots to Canada and transferring funds from Canada are available at both the embassy and the consulates. The embassy in Washington, D.C., also has a free art gallery that is open to the public.

For emergency assistance visit the official website or email

Here is a list of embassies and consulates within the United States:

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