Canadian Employment Insurance Applications

When, How, and Where to Apply for Employment Insurance in Canada

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Apply for Employment Insurance as soon as you stop working, even if you haven't received your (ROE). Be sure to submit your Canadian Employment Insurance application within four weeks of your last day of work, or you may lose benefits.

You should receive your ROE from your last employer within five days of becoming unemployed. Some employers submit ROEs electronically, in which case you do not need to submit a copy to Service Canada. If you have difficulty getting an ROE from an employer, go to your Service Canada Centre or contact Service Canada at 1 800 206-7218 to find out how to get your ROE and what is needed to calculate your claim.

Employment Insurance Application Form

When making an application for Canadian Employment Insurance benefits, you will need to give the following information:

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN), and the SIN of the other parent if applying for parental benefits
  • Mother's maiden name
  • Personal identification, such as a driver's license or birth certificate, if you apply in person at a Service Canada Centre
  • Record of Employment (ROE) from each job for the last 52 weeks
  • Bank information or a blank personal cheque marked VOID, so Employment Insurance benefits can be paid by direct deposit
  • Employment details, including gross salary (before deductions and including tips and commissions), gross salary for the last week of work from Sunday to the last day, and other amounts received or still coming, such as vacation pay and severance pay. You'll need to provide the names and addresses of your employers, including postal codes
  • Dates of weeks in the last 52 that you did not work and why
  • Medical certificate if you are claiming sickness benefits or applying for compassionate care benefits
  • Adoption certificate if you are an adoptive parent claiming parental benefits

Where to Apply for Employment Insurance

You can apply for Canadian Employment Insurance in person by going to the Service Canada Centre nearest you.