Canadian Foursomes: How to Play the Golf Format

The Canadian flag flies above the clubhouse during the third round of the Manulife LPGA Classic at the Whistle Bear Golf Club
Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Canadian Foursomes is a golf tournament format for 2-person teams, or a game that can be played within a group of four golfers playing 2-vs.-2. It is more commonly known as Greensomes.

The basics of Canadian Foursomes go like this:

  • Both golfers on a side tee off.
  • The team members decide which drive is best (which one ball they want to continue with).
  • They continue playing that one ball alternate shot until the ball is holed.
  • The golfer whose drive was not used plays the second shot.

As noted, Canadian Foursomes is more commonly called Greensomes, and you can check our Greensomes explanation for more detail, including handicap considerations.

This format is also sometimes called Scotch Foursomes or Modified Pinehurst.

In the "regular" version of foursomes, the two golfers on a side play alternate shot throughout. Canadian Foursomes ensures that both golfers get to hit tee shots on every hole.

(Alternate shot, in case you need to know, means that two golfers take turns playing the same golf ball. Player A hits a stroke, then Player B, then Player A, and so on, on each hole. But again, in Canadian Foursomes, both golfers tee off, and only after that does the alternate shot begin.)

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