Canadian Holiday Mail Deadlines - 2014

Canadian Holiday Mail Deadlines for International Destinations

International Holiday Mail
International Holiday Mail. Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Canada Post suggests that you mail greetings and gifts by the following dates to ensure that air mail letters, cards and small parcels, and surface mail parcels from Canada arrive at their international destinations in time for the holidays.

Canada Post Deadlines for International Holiday Mail

ToAir MailAir MailSurface
AfricaNovember 24November 24October 1
AsiaDecember 5December 1October 20
AustraliaDecember 5December 1October 1
CaribbeanDecember 5December 1October 20
Central AmericaDecember 5December 1October 20
EuropeDecember 5December 1October 27
Middle EastDecember 5December 1October 10
South AmericaDecember 5December 1October 20
United StatesDecember 12December 8n/a


Write to Santa

Don't forget to Write to Santa! Canada Post volunteers help Santa reply to all his letters.

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