Applications for Canadian Permanent Resident Cards

How to Submit an Application for a Canadian Permanent Resident Card

Updated: 08/12/07

Who Should Apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Card

Canadian immigrants with permanent resident status who arrived in Canada before June 28, 2002 should apply for a Permanent Resident Card. The card replaces the IMM 1000 document. After December 31, 2003 all Canadian permanent residents, including children, returning to Canada by commercial vehicle (plane, boat, train or bus) must use the new card to prove their permanent resident status. Permanent Resident Cards are generally issued for five years, or in exceptional circumstances for one year.

Permanent residents who plan to travel overseas should obtain a Permanent Resident Card before their departure. You should apply for a Permanent Resident Card at least two months before your departure. Processing times may vary, so check current processing times provided by Canada Citizenship and Immigration and adjust accordingly.

Immigrants who became Canadian permanent residents on or after June 28, 2002 do not need to apply for a Permanent Resident Card. A Permanent Resident Card should have been mailed to you automatically. If you did not provide a mailing address to the Canada Border Services Agency when you entered Canada, you should do so as soon as possible. You must provide your mailing address within 180 days of entering Canada, or you will have to apply for a Permanent Resident Card and pay the appropriate fee. You can provide your mailing address online or by contacting the Permanent Resident Card Call Centre.

Renewal of Permanent Resident Cards

Since Permanent Resident Cards are issued for five years, or in some cases one year, permanent residents should check the expiry date on their PR Card if they plan to travel outside Canada. Five-year permanent resident cards began expiring in July 2007. Be sure to apply for a new Permanent Resident Card at least two months before you plan to leave the country.

Permanent Resident Card Application Kits and Forms

You can download the Permanent Resident Card application kit and forms from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada site. The forms must be completed, signed and mailed to the address given on the form. Detailed instructions on completing the form and the documents required to be included with the form are given in the application guide that comes with the kit.

If you wish to have a printed application kit mailed to you, you can call the Permanent Resident Call Centre at 1-888-242-2100. Kits can only be sent to addresses in Canada. Allow at least two weeks for delivery.

Application Fees for Permanent Resident Cards

The fee for processing a Permanent Resident Card application is $50.00. Fees are subject to change.

There are two ways to pay the application fee.

  • Pay online
  • Pay your fee at a financial institution in Canada. To pay the fee, you must complete an original of the Fees Receipt Form IMM 5401, and take it to a financial institution with your payment. The bank will stamp the receipt form. You then attach the middle portion (Copy 2) to your Permanent Resident Card application.

The fee is not refundable.

Urgent Cases

If you plan to travel outside Canada and do not think you will have time to get a Permanent Resident Card before you leave Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada may be able to process your application on an urgent basis. Check Information Regarding Urgent Cases to find out how to request that your application be processed on an urgent basis.

Permanent residents wanting to return to Canada who do not have a Permanent Resident Card may contact the nearest Canadian visa office to obtain a limited use travel document to re-enter Canada at a cost of $50 each. You can download the application for a travel document (permanent resident abroad) online.

Check the Status of Your Permanent Resident Card Application

To check on the status of your Permanent Resident Card application, you can use the Canadian Immigration Client Application Status tool. Please note that the status of your application will not show in the Client Application Status tool until Citizenship and Immigration Canada has begun processing your application. To find out how long it may take to process your application, check the current processing times. There is no point in checking on the status of your application unless the specified processing time has passed.

Questions About Your Permanent Resident Card Application

If you have questions about your Permanent Resident Card Application, contact the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre if you are in Canada, or your local visa office if you are outside Canada.