How to Contact the Prime Minister of Canada

Address, website, phone information, and more

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister gives a speech

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The Canadian Prime Minister is the leader of the party in power and heads the government. Canada's general elections for Parliament are normally held every four years. When a prime minister is re-elected, he or she is said to "hold office in more than one parliament." The elected terms are customarily referred to as a prime minister's first government, second government, and so on, should that person continue to be re-elected, but statistically, a majority government normally lasts around four years. Justin Pierre James Trudeau PC MP, Canada's current prime minister, is the country's 23rd prime minister and has been in office since 2015. Trudeau has been the leader of Canada's Liberal Party since 2013.

How to Contact the Prime Minister

According to the Office of the Prime Minister: "The Prime Minister greatly values the thoughts and suggestions of Canadians." Canadians may submit a letter or query online, send a fax or email, send a letter via post, or place a call to the Office of the Prime Minister.

Those who wish to comment on Canadian events or policies can leave comments on Prime Minister Trudeau's Facebook page. He can also be addressed via two Twitter accounts. Tweet to him via the Official Twitter account of Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada @CanadianPM, or his personal account, @JustinTrudeau which is administered by members of his staff.


Mailing Address

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Phone Number

(613) 992-4211

Fax Number

(613) 941-6900

Request for Birthday or Anniversary Greetings

A Canadian may make a request online for a birthday, wedding anniversary or union greeting from the prime minister. Such requests can also be placed via snail mail or fax.

The prime minister sends congratulatory certificates to Canadians celebrating significant birthdays, such as 65th birthdays and up, at five-year intervals, as well as 100th birthdays and up. The Prime Minister sends congratulatory certificates to Canadians celebrating significant wedding anniversaries or anniversary of life together including unions for 25th anniversaries and up, at five-year intervals.

Gifts for the Prime Minister and Family

Many Canadians choose to offer gifts to the prime minister and family. While the Office of the Prime Minister considers these as "kind and generous gestures," security regulations and the Federal Accountability Act passed in 2006 prevent and preclude the prime minister and family from accepting many of these gifts. "No monetary gifts or gift certificates will be accepted and will be returned to the sender. Some items, such as perishable goods, cannot be accepted for security reasons. The office also requests that people please refrain from sending anything fragile, as such items may be severely damaged during the security screening processes."

The Prime Minister's office explains: "We would be very disappointed to learn that any item of personal value was damaged as a result of these measures and ask that you refrain from sending these valuables." Further, Prime Minister Trudeau and his family have requested that the generosity of Canadian citizens would be better served by channeling their efforts toward charitable endeavors: "Finally, we would ask that you consider the impact your efforts could have for those in need across Canada." 

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