Cancer-Capricorn Moon Nodes

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Keep in mind that your South Node relates to inheritances, and has been linked to past lives.  Your North Node is where you're going, and its traits unfold in life, often after a level of maturity has been reached.  

Cancer South Node and Capricorn North Node

Home is where the hearth is. The roots are in the family. Where Cancer south node comes to roost, is home. Their entire world centers around the nuclear family, and the clan they were born into.

Everything they hold dear is rooted in their own familiar history. Without the connection to their family of origin, there are no roots, or sense of self.

There is a deep sentiment towards anything familial - their connection is emotional; their connection is non-verbal, and rooted right in the guts.

These people feel. And feel deeply. And they feel everything. Their unquestioned loyalty to their kin is so deep, and at times all-encompassing, that they will have strong emotional memory of all personal, and family issues from the past, that find their way into the present life.

As a result, the Cancer south node person find themselves stuck in the past, reliving emotional hurts, which are incredibly hard to get a handle on, and move away from. And sometimes they don’t. There is a strange comfort in those old wounds. The emotions can and will take center stage, and can emotionally hijack this person, until they lose their perspective on life.

They will live in the past, in order to avoid dealing with the present. Why? Because there is a real fear of the loss of emotional security. Those wounds from the past become their emotional security blanket.

And the turning point? When, at some point, they wake up and realize that their own emotions have paralyzed them so completely, that they have to finally take charge of their lives, and move on.

In other words, they have to learn to grow up and be an adult. The adult MUST take over and problem solve their lives. Learning to get control of their own ship, is the directive here - this will galvanize them into forming a game plan, and setting goals - and most importantly, letting go of the past.

When this happens, nothing can stop them from moving forward.

Capricorn South Node and Cancer North Node

The president of the company sits at his desk. Its 11:00pm, and his wife calls him and asks him when he’s going to come home. She’s fixed his favorite dinner, and its their 25th wedding anniversary. Their four children and his wife have been waiting for hours for Mr. President to come home for their celebration.

And yet, Mr. President still sits at his desk, working. He has to work hard, produce results, be the boss/manager/breadwinner/head of the family. He’s at the helm of his ship, mapping his goals, moving up that mountain. He has to prove that he’s competent, to himself and the world. And indeed, to the rest of the world, he looks like he’s on top of his game.

Or is he? Its lonely up at the top. Our president IS alone, and one other thing: he’s deathly afraid of failure. Why? Because if he fails, he will not be able to take care of himself and his world - including his family.

All that pressure he puts on himself.

And herein lies the key - going home and realizing that he has the emotional support from those that love him. To explore the soft center that is under that top layer of hard candy.

This lifetime is taking off the mask, and dig into how he feels about life. He is here to show himself and the world the vulnerability he keeps hidden. He is also learning how to let go of all that high expectation, and come home once in a while, sit down and enjoy time with his family. To his family, his children, and his loving wife of 25 years, and celebrate how lucky he is, that he is so loved.

Editor's Note: Eileen Grimes is an expert in the astrology of the Titanic disaster and regular writer for About Astrology. Here she focuses her detecting eye to the Moon's Nodes.


The series began with her article Lunar Nodes, (moving) out of your comfort zone.

The north and south nodes are points in the birth chart, that tell a story of the soul's journey over time, and lifetimes.

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