Cancer New Moon - July 4th, 2016

Crashing Waves

Timothy Wipple for Getty Images.

The July 4th New Moon is a kind of emotional independence day.  The grand finale may include some explosive feelings, that then start a chain-reaction of change. 

Cancer, as you know, is the sign of moods and the Moon itself.  Sun and Moon -- the Luminaries -- are at 13 degrees Cancer. 

Cancer's path is paradoxical, as one of nurturing others and being motherly, but the advanced Crabs declare their independence, too.

 It's a cardinal sign, and one that pushes out, but is often mired in emotional enmeshment scenarios.  

For this one, Pluto is in opposition, making it a time to face reality, even if it makes you despair at first.  

Mercury is right there, traveling close to the luminaries (Sun and Moon), to be a potent messenger for what's being sensed and felt.  

Looking for Pluto's silver lining, it's a purging of core, compressed soul contents.  The release under these conditions can feel like a devastating tsunami of feelings and raw material.  With Mercury's help, you might be able to put it all in words, or express it in some other way.

If you stay with yourself (stay present, alert), and let the feelings and whatever live, it is integrated.  And it can be vitalizing, because you're reclaiming energy (and dimensions of your soul) pure and simple.     

Tips:  Give yourself space to "Be" without having to smile (when you don't feel like it) and make small talk.

  Let anger or just raw energy rise, without rushing to act on it. 

Lately, with Mars in retrograde, I've felt the sense of the tide being way out, and being in waiting mode.  Mars has gone direct, but it could take awhile to get momentum going again, if you've felt that inverted current that can feel like inertia.


Imaginative energies are high, with Moon in a trine to Neptune.  The atmosphere and vibes around you, have a profound impact.  It's a time to flush or dissolve old baggage, and an element of giving over to a more powerful 'spiritual" stream.  If you sense this, you'll know what I mean -- it's time to rest and trust the healing energies as they do their tidal thing.

Caution:  It's wise to avoid stirred-up crowds and people you know to be volatile.  New Moons are for resting, and keeping a low profile syncs with the atmosphere.  Take note of what triggers you, and direct any raw energy that rises to your highest goals.

Wild Card - Human Emotion

It's all pointing to the wow factor of human emotion saving the day, in the face of enormous demands of the after effects of the Uranus-Pluto square.

The great tidal force (Cancer) is an emotional wild card, for surprises that seem to well up out of nowhere, but are heart-felt. Cancer, like other cardinal signs Aries and Capricorn pushes the action forward, with feelings merging with other kinds of drive (passion and worldly ambition).

A great one to deeply listen to your feelings as messages about what's in need of change. These messages may be impossible to ignore, and seem to carry a sense of getting a second chance to make things right.


When the Moon is new in Cancer the Sun is also in Cancer.

The New Moon is a time of fresh starts -- in this feeling water sign, it's time to refill the well. Find a refuge where it's safe to emote, and rest, be renewed.

Intuition pioneer Penney Peirce say that rather than intention, the idea is to charge something with attention.  With the New Moon in vivid, motivating cardinal water, your toolbox is complete with the charge of feeling and a vivid imagination.

New Moon in Cancer themes:

  • security, financial and emotional
  • the need for nurturing and intimacy
  • the longing for a home
  • women and 'mothering'
  • homesickness for family life
  • emotional impressions around motherhood or relationship to Mother
  • childhood memories and embedded patterns of behavior
  • the desire to cuddle and know true intimacy
  • home comforts and feeling safe
  • imaginative gifts
  • emotional intelligence


It's a Good Time to:

  • Dare to be honest about what you're feeling.
  • Share your heart with someone you trust.
  • Start an artistic project and protect it in its infancy.
  • Get to the bottom of irrational fears, needless worry, dependencies.
  • Looking at where you've grown too 'soft' and childish.
  • Consider how you self-soothe, and find healthy ways to refill the well.
  • Look at your emotional roots, and open to deep healing.