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Cancer New Moon themes:  gestating, nesting, mothering and Mother, real estate, home renovation, family as center, intimacy, protected places, fighting to defend home, emotional legacies, haunting memories, belly and breast health, cozy comfort, expressing authentic feelings, the imagination, old friends, collectables, the ocean, the Moon, pearl in the oyster, nourishment and emotional wellsprings. 

Find your Cancer New Moon 'Scope

Find your Cancer-ruled house -- everybody's got one.

  First step is to look at your (free) birth chart.

The Ascendant (and its Rising Sign) starts the First House, so this forecast is more meaningful when you know your birth time.  The degrees of your wheel start at the ascendant (middle left) and run counter-clockwise around the Twelve Houses.  Look for the Cancer symbol (Cancer ♋) to find your Cancer house.  Sometimes it's across two houses, so keep that in mind.

July 4th's (2016) New Moon is at 13 degrees Cancer.  

Here's the Forecast by House:

Cancer New Moon in the First House: (House of Aries and Mars

You've got an emotional richness and warmth to your personality, with Cancer Rising.  Celebrate your loony and loving presence!  Great one to refine your "Look" with meaningful pieces (like heirloom jewelry) or a vintage hat.  This is a re-set for your whole chart and how you meet life (through your Rising sign).  Use the momentum to begin something new that feels like coming home.


Cancer New Moon in the Second House: (House of Taurus and Venus) 

On the practical level, a New Moon here is stellar for tending to home and your belongings.  Great time for a purge of clutter, and especially for letting go whatever holds you to the past.  A big theme is taking action that aligns you to your cherished values.

  Issues of dependency -- emotional and financial -- could come up now.  Power moves involve overcoming insecurity and being tenacious about crafting a self-sufficient life that works. 

Cancer New Moon in the Third House: (House of Gemini and Mercury)  

A lunation to do with being part of the lively social milieu, and sharing your personal messages -- over the hedge, in a blog, in letters, in texts or tweets.  Overcome protective isolation, by taking steps to meet kind souls who share your interests.  Set new goals for your creative brainchildren, and be renewed by fresh waves of ideas.  Keep in mind, this is the House of short trips, siblings, extended family (Aunts and Uncles) and mercurial pleasures.     

Cancer New Moon in the Fourth House: (House of Cancer and the Moon) 

Your home gets some love now -- or at least some attention, possibly by way of dreams.  Home has many meanings, starting with the down-to-Earth matter of your actual domicile.  You might get inspired to reinvigorate or renew your living space.  It's a great one to flush out malingering energies, or take action to set new psychic-emotional boundaries.  The past can loom large, and intensify feelings, particularly to do with family roots, Mother, nurturing and self-care and childhood memories.

Cancer New Moon in the Fifth House: (House of Leo and the Sun)

Make the most of this emotionally potent lunation by giving your creative spirit some leisure time.  This House concerns the creative urge, spontaneity, children and play, love affairs and life's celebrations, like parties and holidays.  The main thing here is to follow your heart's desire -- do what makes you naturally enthusiastic.  Take time for pure fun, for its own sake.  Look to children for inspiration, and let the child that still lives within you out to play. 

Cancer New Moon in the Sixth House: (House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron) 

This lunation is one to initiate all that makes you feel clean inside and out, sane and whole.  This might mean fresh changes to your routine, or fully committing to a work-a-day rhythm that you already know makes you feel healthy.

  The Sixth House rules the daily grind, and its flow -- is it productive?  Your health house is flavored by sensitive Cancer, so musing on spiky or unresolved feelings helps you make space for the new.  Other big themes here are service (volunteering) and other kinds of helping out; the magical in the everyday and nutrition (of mind, body and spirit). 

Cancer New Moon in the Seventh House: (House of Libra and Venus) 

This House puts front and center all things one-on-one.  It's a stellar lunation for big love spells, if you're wanting commitment.  Write down or light a candle and proclaim the qualities you're seeking in a partner.  It's a New Moon to revisit contracts or make new ones.  A factor here is the emotional bindings to significant others, whether its a business partnership, a friend, or even a frenemy - or real enemy.  It's a good time to cut cords with symbolic rituals, and let go of relationships that malinger.

Cancer New Moon in the Eighth House: (House of Scorpio and Pluto) 

A New Moon here feels like an ordeal, often with some juicy angst taking hold in the psyche.  Pay close attention to nightmares, as messages of pure imagination from your being.  This House deals with all kinds of merging, from sexual to financial to the most common, the energetic.  You might see and act on the need for new boundaries, or to banish ghosts and energy vampires.  There can be a catharsis in this House that's worth the upheaval, and leaves you feeling brand new and utterly changed from the inside-out.


Cancer New Moon in the Ninth House: (House of Sagittarius and Jupiter) 

Get ready to travel, whether it's literally or to new frontiers that rouse your adventurous, feeling heart.  This House leads you to expand your world, and with Cancer here, you're at home in the wider world.  You could be drawn to creating intimate friendship ties with those from very different worlds (culture, race, region).  This House concerns higher ideals, and you've got a caring attitude that opens doors, or inspires.  It could be time to venture beyond the known, and set up house in foreign lands. 

Cancer New Moon in the Tenth House: (House of Capricorn and Saturn) 

This lunation charges up the House of lifetime achievements, and goals we aspire to, but know are hard-won.  That makes it idea to draft your wish list of big ticket items, like making a name for yourself.  It's time to ponder legacies, traditions, ancestry and establishing yourself as an authority.  It relates to mentoring, fathering and Father and the kinds of authorities we meet in life.  A great one to apply Cancerian tenacity to your loftiest visions for your life. 

Cancer New Moon in the Eleventh House: (House of Aquarius and Uranus) 

How are you being received by the wider world -- what's the reception?  A lunation here brings up friendships, wider circles of acquaintances and the ripple effect outward of your presence.  It could be time for change in how you cast your social net -- which mediums work, and which draw you into questionable waters.

  You could join a group of kind souls, or leave a group that's keeping you focused in the past.  This House also promotes visions that concern the wider human family, and you might get activated to play a role. 

Cancer New Moon in the Twelfth House: (House of Pisces and Neptune)

A New Moon here floods this House with vivid dreams, feelings, memories and longings.  Keep in mind this House takes us into subterranean realms of the imagination and psyche.  Make the most of this tidal surge, by letting it change you, and show you what still makes your heart ache.  Secrets are revealed, and the enchantment makes it one to be in your creative zone.  Keeping noise and nonsense from intruding on your personal world allows you to dive deep.  Being near or on water is soothing now. 

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